Featherman Poultry Set Up Special With Chill Tank

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  • This set includes all you need to get started. The Featherman Pro picker, Scalder, Dunker, Shackles, Kill Cone Stand, Chill Tank and eight Broiler Cones. Your best package option for start-up to 200 birds per hour.

    This Special Saves You $558.00 !
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  1. rjohns39
    "Perfect Setup"
    Pros - Fast, easy to clean and effective. Mine came with the roto-dunker which is a must
    Cons - A little pricey--but you get your money's worth
    I need to improve my processing efficiency--but we are currently able to process 50 birds in a little over 2 1/2 hours (not because of the equipment--but the hand work). I've watched those with more experience than us process more than 200 birds per hour. Clean-up takes less than a half hour and best with a pressure washer--but a regular hose will get you there. The scalder was effective holding temps on a 30 degree day. 30 seconds and four birds are perfectly clean.
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  1. Molpet
    wow looks like a great setup

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