Flarry Eyed Gray

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    A very flighty, curious bird always into new findings. But not a heavy egg layer.
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  1. MaycanGamefowl
    "Pretty good fowl"
    Pros - Great mothers good foragers and protective cocks
    Cons - Aren't ment for egg seeking people
    Flarry eyed grays are quite beutiful and inteligent birds they will forage for themselfs like any other gamefowl can,
    They are good birds for game breeders who want a beutiful and USEFUL bird. I would recomend this bird to anyone who is willing to take good care of it.
  2. TheCrazyClucker
    "Not the greatest chicken breed..."
    Pros - None, really.
    Cons - Eggs are small, and are not good layers, flighty
    I don't have a Flarry Eyed Gray, but I hope to own one soon. They are said to be flighty and wild. The hens are not a good layers, and her eggs are small and white. Roosters tend to be aggressive. They are not recognized by the APA. They range from 6.00 lbs. to lightweight. A great majority range from 5.00 lbs. to 5.10 lbs. They are not cold tolerant, but very heat tolerant.

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  1. hellbender
    I don't understand the lethal review but still want to get one. There's chicken logic for you. lolol
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  2. tacopaco
    And serrin that is most definitely not an Easter egger and they are definitely out there
  3. tacopaco
    I do not think they deserve this bad of a review, especially not when it's based off of what you've heard . I recently acquired two chicks and have had them for 3 weeks and they are not flighty, they are very people friendly and love being around us and getting belly rubs. And all gamefowl are supposed to be aggressive to other roosters, you didn't specify if you meant aggressive to people or other roosters so I will assume what other people have to you was meant in regards to how they are towards other Roos.
  4. DTchickens
    The Flerry Eye'd greys are a strain of toppy American Gamefowl. Not real common, but an alright strain to have if you can convince someone who has them to sell them, most will not.
  5. Serrin
    Personally, I've never heard of them. That one in your picture looks suspiciously like that of an Easter Egger.....
  6. Chickenfan4life
    Well done, nice review! :)

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