Fortiflex MF-2 Mineral Feeder, 2x1.75 qt. Capacity, Black

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  1. matt14132
    "Awesome little thing, have multiple"
    Pros - Easy to attach to anything
    Perfect depth for ducks to stick their heads in and clean their nostrils
    holds 2 SEPARATE rations of food, water, treats, etc.
    I love this little thing. I have 2. One inside the coop and one outside in the run. I keep feed in one side and oyster shell in the other. I also keep water inside the one in the coop. It is the perfect depth for the ducks to stick their bills into and clean their holes. I keep pebbles underneath it so the ducks don't get a chance to turn the coop into a muddy mess if they spill water. This thing is sturdy, It cant be tipped over by clumsy ducks and hyper chickens.
    I am thinking about buying a 3rd one for outside of the enclosure so that when I let everyone out to free range, I can put feed in there or really anything, treats, or anything I would want them to have access to for whatever reason it might be.
    Purchase Price:
    I think like $6.50

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  1. Hope Hughes
    I use this for the grit and oyster shell works great!

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