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Free-Range Chicken Gardens: How to Create a Beautiful, Chicken-Friendly Yard

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    Timber Press
    Free-Range Chicken Gardens: How to Create a Beautiful, Chicken-Friendly Yard
    Jessi Bloom
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    Many gardeners fear chickens will peck away at their landscape, and chicken lovers often shy away from gardening for the same reason. But you can keep chickens and have a beautiful garden, too! Fresh eggs aren't the only benefit — chickens can actually help your garden grow and thrive, even as your garden does the same for your chickens. In this essential handbook, award-winning garden designer Jessi Bloom covers everything a gardener needs to know, including chicken-keeping basics, simple garden plans to get you started, tips on attractive fencing options, the best plants and plants to avoid, and step-by-step instructions for getting your chicken garden up and running. For anyone who wants a fabulous garden where colorful chickens happily roam, Free-Range Chicken Gardens is the guide that will bring the dream home to roost.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. ashncarson
    "A great read!"
    Pros - Great photos, great hints!
    Cons - I wanted to read more!
    I checked this book out from the library and I wish now that I owned it! The photos are gorgeous and I really enjoyed reading the whole book. I would of liked to see more photos of the authors personal garden, but I was able to get a lot of ideas and a lot more wishes for what I would love to have!
  2. Free Feather
    "Realistic advice"
    Pros - Many examples,
    Cons - Did not give many specifics
    Reading this book gave me a better idea of how much space chickens really need. I knew the 10 in the run, 4 in the coop was unrealistic and not going to work with boys, especially if I wanted anyone to be happy, including the plants. Jessi stresses that chickens need more space than most think. Do not collect chickens. I was nearly guilty of this because of the classic requirements I had always heard. This book woke me up. 250 in the run, not 10.
    I cannot wait to get my garden going after reading this book.
  3. chickencoop789
    "One Of The Best Chicken Books Out There"
    Pros - Lots of information, many pictures, great ideas
    Cons - n/a
    When my flock turned my yard into dirt and ate all of my plants, I decided I needed to do something creative with it (now that I am working with a clean slate). I ordered this book online and read it cover to cover. This book is awesome. It has so many great ideas and a ton of wonderful pictures. This book is full of information on coops, plants, a chicken's natural diet, and chickens themselves. It has lists of plant types to help you find some that fit your needs (shelter plants, forage plants, chicken resistant plants, etc.). I cant wait until spring so I can get started making my very own "free range chicken garden."

User Comments

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  1. FuzzyMugz
    Excellent. Perfect, concise review. I was looking at this book for a gift, but now I want it.

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