French Toulouse

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    Large Fowl
    The Toulouse Geese originated in Mid-Northern Europe, probably as a landrace (they are quite close to wildtype Greylag geese).
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    This breed is a rather quiet goose, they enjoy grazing, and are generally easy to care for (though they dislike fences) and they are rather light, weighing only about 15 - 18 lbs. They are calm, and quite intellegent.






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  1. ZorotheDuck
    "Love one, not the other"
    Pros - good duck guardians, goose is very sweet
    Cons - LOUD, gander is not friendly to anyone except his mate
    We adopted a Toulouse-African cross goose and a Toulouse-Sebastapol gander at 9 months old.

    The goose is very sweet, curious, and adventurous. She loves exploring. She is not very talkative and moderately loud when she does talk. We love her! Five stars.

    The gander is aggressive toward people and other geese, and can be mean and bossy with the ducks for no good reason. He is very good with his goose mate; a perfect gentleman and very protective. He is also incredibly, ear-splittingly, LOUD. He's not our favorite. Three stars.

    They were both raised with a duck flock and are good guardians and chaperones to the ducks, although they do get bored frequently and want to wander off and explore instead of hanging around their little feathered charges. IMG_1255.jpg IMG_1258.jpg
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    Dec 2018
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  2. Duckymomlol
    "Love this breed!!"
    Pros - Quiet, pretty laid back for a goose. Easily tamed.
    Cons - They have loonnnggg memories!
    Have three and I love this breed! Got them at a week old. Left on vacation when they hit two weeks. Came back when they were 3 weeks old and moved them inside under my table. They still happily follow me around at 3 months old, and come running for affection when they spot me.
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  3. silenthawk2x3
    "Great Yard Protectors"
    Pros - Friendly, full of personality, very protective, good looking
    Cons - Angsty
    We have had our Toulouse , Dick, for nearly a year now, and he is by far the creature of greatest interest in the yard. He honks when he sees danger and does an excellent job watching over his ducks. He is the most interesting one to watch of all the birds in the yard or kiddie pool.
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  1. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
    What is the difference between toulouse and french toulouse?
    (not the large dewlap ones)
  2. Cluckcluck1215
    Haha!!love his name!!
  3. kidcody
    are all Toulouse Geese aggressive? we have one male that attacks everyone and all animals, is this normal?
    1. IceHax
      they are territorial, unless they were already introduced to the rest of the flock, they will protect their territory at all costs.
      IceHax, May 9, 2019
  4. kidcody
    Do many of the French Toulouse become aggressive? We have one male that is very aggressive and we have no way of dealing with this behavior? any suggestions?
  5. Zaccurry16
    oh i thought they lay more them that
  6. ChampionAlex
    They lay around 25 eggs a year. @zaccury16
    1. JumbeThePigDuck
      How big is an egg?
      JumbeThePigDuck, Nov 16, 2017
  7. Zaccurry16
    do they lay good ?
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    1. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      Geese lay a very small amount of eggs in comparison to hens. But, if you give them oat, soya and oyster flour, and if they are free ranging they will lay about 80 eggs per year, which is an excellent number of eggs for a goose breed.
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Mar 7, 2018

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