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The Toulouse Geese originated in Mid-Northern Europe, probably as a landrace (they are quite close to wildtype Greylag geese).

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Pros: Can be a little over whelming but terrific.
Cons: Can find some helpful information.
:thumbsupFinding the information interesting but some photos are a bit hard to see and maybe we could make them a little easier to view in the sizei but otherwise enjoying them.
Pros: Super smart, Funny and likes to joke with me, very protective of her house and people( aka family) loving and gentle, all around great bird
Cons: she talks a little much at times but then learned to use her whisper voice.
Best goose ever. I do not have experience in other geese so I will be very bias on my responses. I LOVE our bird. She gives hugs and follows me everywhere. She is super smart opens things and then will lift a wing for me to touch her soft under fluff if she can nibble on my hair hahaha. She knows the words no and get over here, live that alone, greens and small words. It has been a lot of training and time with her but it is worth every minute. She is a great addition to our family and flock. Her feather are beautiful and SSOOOOOO Soft. Every bird is different just like a human being we have different likes and personality's so everyones opinions can very. I recommend this goose if you want a watch bird they will for sure let you know if anyone is in the area they don't know or agree with. They will be vocal when they see fit and can be a bit stubborn in "season changes" . I personally love my bird and we do everything together. I have read a lot on the French Toulouse breed and geese in general prior to owning one. They are completely different then my chickens and ducks. Her wing strength is ridiculous strong I would hate to be a intruder and meet those wings. And her teeth are sharp. She has accidentally nibbled when given a fruit or something small so I have encountered that a couple of times but its not intentional. They do have a very impressive memory so don't anger them they will remember you forever. Overall a great goose to have and I adore mine.


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A beautiful looking goose. I am wandering if that is the kind of breed our goose is as she has similar personality traits. This is our second goose and she loves my husband. She is laying on our duck eggs and so protective. She wanders from the ducks sometimes too and can be very bossy with them. Our first goose was taken and she followed both of us around. She is a bit more wary of me but loves it when I try to give her treats before the others get them. I fear the eggs she is laying on May not hatch and think they are not any good. :hiti am wondering what will happen next with her as she is closer to my husband but I 🐣love her too and concerned about the eggs under her as it has been a long time. Sorry if this is a bit long! Still learning about our geese.
Awe she sounds like she loves your husband just as you do. Mine LOVES our son. She sees him and honks and loves to be near him. Hahaha she will always be by my side since I am her momma and looks to me of any Duck is mean or she is in sure of things. But if she sees my son she will ditch me in a heart beat and try to go play with him. I was very specific on socializing her and her nesting time she is beyond sweet. I can pull eggs and pet her with lots of kisses when she is nesting. I think mine is a different kind set since she is so calm in her nest. Now if my daughter goes to get an egg she will fluff up with irritation but she won’t bite. As for fertile eggs I don’t know if you have a gander and you see them mating I would assume you have some fertile eggs. But I have been seeing a lot in the last two years of reading more on this it’s extremely my hard to have fertile eggs. I only have Marty so I don’t know how all that works. I do love my girl and love her personality to pieces.
:)so very true and geese are amazing and ducks. Hoping to find out what breed for sure? She is so beautiful and like you say,very loyal. We have sheep and cattle and just wandering what you could grow around a pen that the poultry can eat but not hurt cattle and sheep? The pen is very old . we are going to build a new one and I would like to put some plants around for the goose,ducks,rooster. Thankyou:thumbsupA lovely comment.
Pros: Big geese, hefty, makes eggs, long lived.
Cons: Angry, bites, keeps making a lot of babies.
We've had toulouse geese for years now, with one that we've owned since the beginning still laying eggs.
They have a wide variety of personalities, and if you're willing to take a bit of a beating, they can be subdued fairly quickly.
However, every single year, our goose gets broody, and her mate gets all protective, and in general, it's a bad time.
Too many babies.


Do many of the French Toulouse become aggressive? We have one male that is very aggressive and we have no way of dealing with this behavior? any suggestions?
are all Toulouse Geese aggressive? we have one male that attacks everyone and all animals, is this normal?
are all Toulouse Geese aggressive? we have one male that attacks everyone and all animals, is this normal?
they are territorial, unless they were already introduced to the rest of the flock, they will protect their territory at all costs.

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