French Toulouse

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  1. Duckymomlol
    "Love this breed!!"
    Pros - Quiet, pretty laid back for a goose. Easily tamed.
    Cons - They have loonnnggg memories!
    Have three and I love this breed! Got them at a week old. Left on vacation when they hit two weeks. Came back when they were 3 weeks old and moved them inside under my table. They still happily follow me around at 3 months old, and come running for affection when they spot me.
  2. silenthawk2x3
    "Great Yard Protectors"
    Pros - Friendly, full of personality, very protective, good looking
    Cons - Angsty
    We have had our Toulouse , Dick, for nearly a year now, and he is by far the creature of greatest interest in the yard. He honks when he sees danger and does an excellent job watching over his ducks. He is the most interesting one to watch of all the birds in the yard or kiddie pool.
  3. mak1
    "french toulouse gesse"
    Pros - excellent guards
    Cons - Hated the chickens, almost flew away, wild bite.
    These geese were crazy. I had 1 male and 1 female I bought. They would bite the chickens. Every plant I had was torn apart But their food bowl was full. Almost flew away with the Canadian geese. They were 5 months. They love to bit you. Excellent guards. Yell all night. My neighbor thought I caught them in the wild. So I did the right decision, I prefer embden geese they are very nice.
  4. jadeduck13
    "Amazing Breed!"
    Pros - Very Sweet, gentle, and they make great pets!
    Cons - None.
    This breed is amazing- they are good for meat and eggs, but even better for pets. Our geese are the new family pet. Very sweet, gentle, and they tamed really easily. So far, I like them better than our African!
  5. ChampionAlex
    "Great Geese. Does well with ducks/chickens ect"
    Pros - If raise with other animals it will do well. They are not too loud either. Friendly
    Cons - none
    Great geese not loud at all like other geese and are friendly
  6. Ducks and Banny hens
    Pros - Excels in foraging, pretty, good meat
    Cons - mean to ducks if not raised together
    This is a good breed. [​IMG]
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