French White Muscovy ducks

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  • Muscovy Ducks originated in Brazil and were domesticated in Europe.

    White Muscovy Ducks are best suited for meat production and make up 90% of commercial production of duck meat. Breeding stock from France has been genetically improved to produce birds that are 50% larger than other Muscovies.

    The males can weigh 12 pounds in 12 weeks. The meat is less greasy and with a lower fat content than other ducks. They are known to have a sense of humor, are intelligent, and love to fly.
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  • Duck Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose: Meat

    Broodiness: High, good mothers

    Climate Tolerance: All

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity: Typically Seasonal Layers, however the French seem to lay longer

    Egg Size: Large

    Egg Color: White

    Breed Temperament: Calm, silly ducks who are highly intelligent.

    Breed Colors / Varieties: French White

    Breed Details:

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  1. SportTees
    "Great Pets if you get them young"
    Pros - Very friendly
    Cons - They have Big Claws
    These make great pets if you get them young. They love water and playing with the water hose. They like to follow you around but if you try to make them do something they don't want to they know how to use their claws!
  2. Christin
    "Very good birds"
    Pros - They take care of themselves and get along well with other breeds.
    Cons - You need to get them as babies if you want a loveable bird. They do tend to run from you and will beat you with their wings.
    I had two white Muscovy's and they were wonderful birds that got along well with my other birds. We had a problem with our neighbors small dogs getting into our run and chasing our birds but the night we got our Muscovy's the dogs got into the run and when we went out to chase the dogs away they were already running home bc our ducks had kicked their butts!
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  3. Spifflove
    "This is where the meat is!"
    Pros - Big breasted
    Cons - Ugly? No, beautiful. Has claws!!!
    This is where the meat is. Eating is believing and easily erased all doubts. They have large blue eyes and pink beaks. Nice barnyard cream color. They do need duck starter, Turkey grower or game feed. I tried mine on chick starter but they would not touch it. They have lots of character. My Muscovies hiss as they protect the eggs in the morning! Fortunately only bluster though. When handling, beware of claws!

    The cooked Drake was loaded with Breast meat. Its closest competitor, the Jumbo Pekin, was not as flavorful and very skimpy in the breast by comparison, it was also greasier. Jumbo Pekins however are faster growers and only the Drake of Muscovy is larger. I compared the Muscovy to my Christmas Rib Roast, and I could not tell the difference!
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  1. puppies9099
    I absolutely love any kind of muscovy. We have never had white ones yet.
    But each one is different, But I noticed when you have a broody mama hen. They will poop all over you when you grab them.
    Great brooders and mothers.
    You do have to raise them young in order for them to let you hold them.
    Great pets and great hatchers and great bug control.
  2. Ozarkguy
    do you sell French Muscovy eggs/ducklings
  3. monkeywoman1953
    These ducks are feral and so common down here in Florida, they are pretty-much considered a pest, and are hated by many ! But most people don't eat them, as they don't realize how tasty they can be, if fed a grain diet. I used to raise them to eat. But if you catch one off of someone's pond that has NOT been fed grain, they actually taste muddy. Yuk. But good, of course, after a while on the grain...
  4. Spifflove
    Thats fine. Mine would not eat at all. I could not find wild game feed for under $1/pound. I took a chance on Turkey starter and thankfully they ate it. Now I give Turkey starter to all types of ducklings because they love it! I also feed it to chickens under 4 weeks. Experiences may vary.
  5. RingedTeal
    Ours ate chick starter as ducklings and they did just fine

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