Gallo Kelso

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    Dual Purpose
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    All Climates
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    Large Fowl
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    Single Comb Clean Leg
    This Is Another Breed From The Gamefowl Family He Is a Kelso Their Color Normally Is Red
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  1. DeadGame
    "They very nice chickens , good ,athletic ,"
    Pros - easy to handle and they always finish the job and they do it on their own .
    Cons - none
    I got my kelsos from johnny jumper out of ripley mississippi ,the males are mainly yellow legged lemon hackeld thou you will get a white leg evry now an then . the females come all light buttermilk color mainly white legged and somtimes you get blue legged ones . very game , they mature at arount 6 months very well rounded fighters , break high and multishufflers (back when legal ofcoarse)
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  2. DTchickens
    "Kelso Gamefowl"
    Cons - None
    Kelso fowl are a variety of American Gamefowl developed by Walter A. Kelso, owner of Oleander Gamefarm. They're one of the most popular American Gamefowl, more can be found regarding this breed under the page "American Gamefowl". Along with the main image being a Kelso by CUDA.
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  1. Abriana
    On second thought, looks kind of like a Jungle Fowl cock...
  2. Abriana
    beautiful bird!
  3. DTchickens
    Wasson, cheap wise you might be able to check Craigslist and your state's market bulletins. But, given some may be cheap- who knows what quality they will be. Some people online sell them mostly on gamefowl websites, you can check the "Show us your games!" thread here on BYC and ask around as some here have them.

    Oleandor farm or Johnnie Jumper's farm along with Rockytop Gamefarm (You can find them through Google) for their Kelso. But price wise, I'm not sure how much they will be- all three are known for having great Kelso though.
  4. Wasson6Pack
    Where can I get some of these?
  5. lacasapollo2013
    i have a kelso game hen that i traded for 2 rir roos...what a gonna try an see about breeding my rir roo with her an hatch the eggs to see what could come about...hope to get something amazing!!!
  6. Michael Apple
    I've always been interested in the Old English type game cocks but never saw any info as to their disposition and protecting a regular flock of layers. I wouldn't have any interest in fighting them, I just admire the game cocks.
    1. Abriana
      Modern Game Cocks are my favorite. They are very pretty, with tight feathering and long legs. I don't have any but i would like some.
      Abriana, Jun 18, 2017

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