Game Bird and Poultry Brooder Plus Grow Pens - 0703

  • Poultry Brooder, grow Off Pens, and viewable expander below. -this can be the start of a very lucrative enterprise, producing approximately 48 chickens a month in a very limited space. Put approximately 48 chicks (day old) from a hatchery into the brooder, for warmth, feed, and water. After four weeks, move 24 birds into each grow off pen and put 48 new chicks in the brooder. 1 Poultry Brodoer and 2 Grow Pens. 36" x 30" x 9.75"
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  1. Crooked Chicken
    24 birds in a 36" x 30" space? Wow, that would be very crowded even if they were little chicks. I wouldn't think that would be very healthy to have them so crowded.

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