Giro Gamefowl

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  • Game Rooster Used A Lot I Mexico For Fighting But In The US For Pets Their Temperament Varies Depends How You Raise Them
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  1. slipshift
    "Game Cock"
    Pros - Very protective, kind, gentle, smart
    Cons - Not afraid of anything.
    We were given a fighting cock and the only reason we took him was he was so bedraggled and pitiful looking. He, George, was the gentlest rooster we have ever had. When he would find bugs the chicks would gather around and he never pecked at or chased them away. All our chickens are pets and he took very well to being a pet. We lost him when a coyote came snooping around, but the others were safe.
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  1. reymoreno1
    where can I get a pair.
  2. Rooster123
  3. old1953
    That's why roosters are so colorful, so predators will take the standout bird and leave the rest of the flock alone. I've had a hawk drop into a pen I was standing about 30 feet away from, and snatch a colorful rooster right out of the middle of a group of hens.

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