Gold Star

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  • Breed Purpose:
    Egg Layer
    Climate Tolerance:
    All Climates
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Breed Temperament:
    Usually friendly and easy going
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    A goldish/buff color that lays medium/large eggs and broodiness is average.
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  • Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose:

    Comb: Single

    Broodiness: average

    Climate Tolerance:

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity: average

    Egg Size: medium to large

    Egg Colour: light brown

    Breed Temperament:
    really friendly

    Breed Colors / Varieties:

    Breed Details: friendly

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Recent User Reviews

  1. CrazyHenLady386
    "Also known as "Brown Stars" Dont reccomend..."
    Pros - Cuddly and good layers for a year and a half
    Cons - Susceptable to Internal Laying. Dont live Long :(
    This breed is very easily acquired and seem like the perfect pet for your kids or yourself. In Fact my favourite hen is a Brown Star named "Piper". Be warned these chickens do not have longevity and are very susceptable to "Internal Laying". Internal laying is an incureable disorder where the hen keeps putting the yolks of her eggs in the wrong spot in her layng tract. You will often notice the hen has a hard, swollen abdomen and her clocoa feathers are all wetted down with the yolk of the eggs. Basically the bird has a serious infection in her uterous. It looks like egg binding because the hen is hunched over and not very livey. The hen will start to lose body condition and have a shallow face and her breastbone will be clearly defined. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is make sure she is drinking and eating. If you think the bird's life is no longer worth living it is best to just put them down. Dont let the bird become a cannibal victim. Chickens will often prey upon the weak. Dont let this happen to you and just dont get them. It is unfortunate that such a friendly, easy going hen will die because of this. I dont reccomend this breed for a small, backyard, family flock!
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  2. MinnetonkaBoater
    "Best Ever"
    Pros - Great Layer, Friendliest
    Cons - none
    Our Gold Star is a rock star of a laying hen. She not only lays almost everyday in warm weather, she also lays nice large eggs. She is the first to come running when you come near the coop and always squats to be picked up. I will not be getting more chickens when these finally go, but if I were I would definitely have a Gold Star in the flock.
  3. Butterprint
    "Gold Star for the Gold Star"
    Pros - Early egg layer, friendly, unafraid, sweet, quiet
    Cons - Vulnerable to predators
    We have a flock of six chickens and two ducks, and we have one Gold Star. She is by far our friendliest of the flock, she comes running whenever we bring out food and treats, and was the first to be tamed and eat out of our hands. She is quiet and really sweet, and she started laying eggs at only 18 weeks old!

    We're on our first chickens, but knowing the differences between our breeds so far (we also have a Rhode Island Red, Delaware x Hampshire, Plymouth Rock, and two Sicilian Buttercups) we probably would have sprung for more Gold Stars if we'd known how great she'd turn out to be. We will definitely consider more of this breed in the future.

    Similar to the Red Sex Link (and I have to be honest, I've read conflicting information about whether the Gold Star IS a RSL, I still don't know for sure) she is a bit vulnerable in that she is unafraid and thus possibly more likely to be taken out by a predator. She's also a bit slower in moving. Overall a great chicken, and our favorite of the entire flock so far.
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  1. Abriana
    I have a pullet that looks just like this, but she is and RIR Columbian Rock cross.
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    2. Abriana
      White. She looks just like the hen in the pic but she had gray (slightly green) legs not yellow.
      Abriana, Feb 21, 2018
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    3. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      Maybe, one of her parents had gray legs genes.
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Mar 7, 2018
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    4. Abriana
      Maybe. Yesterday was her first birthday!!
      Abriana, Mar 7, 2018
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  2. Chickie Newbie
    I just went through this with my Red Star, Scarlett. She was absolutely my best layer and sweet as can be for a year and eight months. I was going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with her and did everything I could for her, but nothing worked. Thanks so much for your review. It was very informative. Now that I've read this, I will not get another.
  3. mmorgan79936
    Me too!! I only have 1 Red Star and she was given to me because she got attacked by a dog and her flock didn't want her after she healed by mine accepted her right away. She is my BEST layer, laying the biggest egg everyday. She is the first to greet me and while I am in the coop she follows me and just talks away. I love her and would recommend a Red Star to anyone!
  4. Highcotton
    I have 3 Red Stars and the same applies to mine. They are the first to meet me when I walk out to the coo. The hop up in my lap when I am feeding them treats. They consistently lay Extra Large and Jumbo eggs. They haves laid several double yolked eggs one was 101 grams and 1 was 105 grams.
  5. Whittni
    My grandparents raised these, they were known for pecking ankles.
  6. judikins
    I am going to try this for flying over the fences...I clip one wing and they can't fly that high..good way to control those who like to escsape the pen..
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