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  • In 1996 Metzer Farms developed the Golden 300 Hybrid as they lay more and larger eggs than the Khaki Campbell duck and have a calmer temperament with a higher fertility. The Khaki Campbell may be a good egg producer in small flocks but they were never satisfied with their production in their larger commercial flocks. Because of this inconsistency, Metzer's developed the Golden 300 Hybrid by crossing and utilizing the attributes of different duck breeds. The Golden 300 Hybrid can be sexed at any age by its color as the males are shades of black and the females are shades of brown. Unfortunately, they do not retain this characteristic in future generations. Their progeny will hatch in blacks, yellows and browns with no relationship between sex and color.
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  1. 333dawn333
    "I wish I had a dozen !!!"
    Pros - sweet natured, calm, curious...a lover of MUD and cucumbers
    Cons - none so far (16 months in)
    Let's all cheer and celebrate!!!!! The Wonderful and Beautiful Lady Thelma gifted me with 359 eggs in 365 days!!!!! She is 16 months old and quite the leader of the pack... she was and still is the smallest of the group and lays the largest eggs. She is a Golden 300 breed. Go, T, GO!!![​IMG]
    Her happiest days are after a good rain. That beauty loves MUD!!! I wish I had more than one of this breed and next year I will. She is sweet, calm, curious and loving. She sits next to me quietly waiting for treats. She also follows me around the yard and pastures. I have 5 ducks but she outshines them all. (2 Swedish Blues & 2 Cayuga--not good layers BTW)
  2. Tivona
    "Great laying birds"
    Pros - Extremely good layers, very pretty, easy going personalities
    Cons - Lots of poop
    I really love my Golden 300s. They come from the hatchery with slight variations in coloring which is nice in a flock. For example I have some with speckled feet, some with dark feet and some with light feet. Some of the girls have different markings in the feathers such as one having a little white star on her chest and another with a white ring on the front of her neck. All are good natured in personality. The egg laying of these girls is amazing. I had one that laid for almost a year straight. Easily over 300 eggs and I provide very little extra light.

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  1. KWSRetMSgt
    From my understanding they lay alot of eggs because that's how they were cross breed to do just that. The Blue Swedes & the Cayuga's have not been tampered with like the Golden 300's. Now I'm not knocking them I'm just saying 2 breeds of natural ducks and 1 that was made that way. But either way they all do what their suppose to do and thats lay eggs. I also have 5 Blue's and 2 Cayuga's and they are sweet, an can be a little noisy, especially when being chased by a drake, and I get on average about 5 eggs a day from the 7 of them.

    Bee Good, and keep loving those quackers.
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  2. Ugadano
    Is she pretty loud as ducks go? I know the Muscovy are said to be quieter than most, but Lady Thelma sounds wonderfully prolific! Might be worth some noise to get so many eggs in a year!

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