Golden Campines

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    Black And Golden
    This is a very old and rare breed which originated in Belgium. Golden Campines feature a beautiful combination of lustrous black and golden bay to make the distinctive barred feather pattern. They are rather small and lay white eggs. The chicks are the most highly colored we hatch, showing a bright zigzag pattern of black, brown, and white stripes.[​IMG]
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  1. BlackHackle
    Pros - Very showy
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  2. Kessel23
    "Weak birds"
    Pros - Very pretty, decent layers, alright at free ranging, and somewhat hardy.
    Cons - Roosters are more likely to be aggressive than most breeds. Weak.
    I am not sure if this is the breeds fault or the hatcheries fault but I got 80 chicks in early May, 5 of them were golden campines. When they arrived 1 Egyptian Fayoumi was dead, all the other birds were alive. I had 25 eggs layers with this order, including the Golden Campines. Along with the 25 the hatchery sent me an extra GC and another extra. So I was up to 6 GC after 7 days one of the GC got sick and died, the next day another got sick and died, then I was down to 4. A few weeks later I had a coccidiosis outbreak, a few of my other chicks that I hatched died, I started treatment and a day after the treatment had started another GC got sick and died, the next day another got sick and died, then I only had 2 GC left! I am not sure if it was just a coincidence or if it was the hatcheries breeder flock that is weak but it seems odd that out of my 27 egg layers 4 of them that died were Golden Campines and the other was a DOA. I also got 53 meat birds with this order, 1 died from leg problems and 2 died from the coccidiosis outbreak, so the meat birds, which are Cornish Cross, are more hardy than the Golden Campines so far. Btw the meat birds are kept separate from the egg layers. Well anyways, I will give 1 star for every GC I still have from the 6 so 2 stars. They are a 5 star breed if you can get them to adulthood.
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    $5.60 per hen, $3.37 per roo.
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    May 7th

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