Golden Penciled Hamburg

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  • Sweet tempered, docile, lightweight. Average sized eggs, lays almost daily.
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  1. Ch1ckChick
    "perfect pet for people without kids and who..."
    Pros - won't get in your way, outside chicken, great in predator neighborhoods
    Cons - sometimes paranoid, not great with kids
    It is a great chicken for eggs. It is not the best one for companionship
  2. Mobilelyn
    "Took her a while"
    Pros - Sweet, Calm
    Cons - Elusive, Broody
    When we got her she was elusive and did not like to be held. At about a year old she went broody & has turned into the biggest sweetheart but I can't break her brood!
  3. YlurIcelandic
    "Great little birds"
    Pros - Pretty, good layer, inquisitive
    Cons - Flighty
    My Hamburgs are good, consistent layers and beautiful birds. Although a little flighty, they warm up to you after a while and are very curious. Definitely "personality" birds.

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  1. Mobilelyn
    As few months later she is broody AGAIN! Now she is sitting on some silkie eggs <3
  2. hellbender
    Some might consider your hen quite an asset because I don't think the Hamburgs are known to be broody. Cherish her and put her to work!!!
  3. chickengirl987
    what is there cold tolerence

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