Golden Sex Link

Pros: Great layers, sweet
Cons: boss hens,
My two little pullets are adorable and very playful. interesting white and gold coloring. Not sure how strong they are since one of our younger hens got sick and died. And The other got put in the stew pot because of how aggressive she was to the other hens! But these new pullets are friendly and I have a feeling they will be fantastic layers!
Pros: Easy to find, doesn't eat much, very friendly.
Cons: Short life span, too curious.
Great birds. I have three, all of whom are excellent pets. I bought mine from the local feed store. They are easy to catch, don't beat up on the other chickens, and love to ride on your shoulder. However, they are curious to a fault. I had to rescue one because she stuck her head through the fence to see what a grasshopper was doing. :rolleyes:
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Pros: Excellent layers thy are nice fun well behaved a good chicken for a first timer and a very pretty bird.
Cons: Not much meat on them an that's it!
To everyone looking at egg layers these are it they are amazing, I love mine and wish I had 300 instead of 28. Not much meat but I was only looking for eggs. If you want meat you might throw in a barred rock or two jut so you get the best of both worlds. That's why I did and its working out perfectly.
Pros: Sweet, curious, excellent layer, huge brown eggs, great forager
Cons: Prone to health problems
Had one for three years now and she's the sweetest bird. She loves to be petted and held! She's also been an excellent egg producer even through the winter. Did have problems with crop impaction a few times and I've read these hybrids tend towards it. Read this if you want to learn more about the issues these sweet girls have: I love mine but I'll never get one again.
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Pros: Reliable layer, very large eggs, friendly
Cons: none, so far
My 3 golden sex links lay reliably as well as very large eggs. We have had about a dozen double yolks since they started laying the middle of January.
They are friendly and when free ranging, come running to me when I enter the back yard. I also have 3 barred rocks, and their eggs are not as large. If I'm short an egg or two, its usually one of the barred rocks taking the day off. (I know due to the size and shape of the eggs, although they are almost identical in color.) The barred rocks seem to be a little more friendly and curious than the golden sex links, but I really have no complaints with either breed. I'm having a blast with my chicks!
Cons: None.
I have about 4 golden sex link babies that are only about 4-5 weeks old, but i am loving every minute I see them. I can not wait till they are hens and laying eggs for me and I get to spend a whole lot more time with them in a bigger pen. They are the prettiest little things and when I hold them once they know its me they stop chirping like crazy. ( or maybe thats just me being super into chickens!) But so far so amazing!
Pros: Great layers, friendly, love to free range, Huge eggs!
Cons: abit thick when it comes to running away from danger
Ive had ex batts and POL they were all great, they layed lots of eggs and their eggs were always huge, i have 2 that are 7 and still lay. They are really friendly and good with other animals. They love to free range. They are just full of personality, I love them!

Pros: Cold hearty, Calm, Excellent brown egg layers, Good dual purpose bird.
Cons: Brown egg layers, not broody,
I like just about every aspect of these birds. To date they are my favourite breed. I have not experimented with other breeds because these do all I want. I have no problems with these birds in my area they are readily available and called Golden Comets. I feel there is no need to experiment with others. No problems coming in at night or sleeping in nest boxes or egg eating. Mine are still producing well.. I am not sure how many flocks of these birds I had over the years I am guessing 3 or 4. Out of all the birds I only had one that went broody and she hatched some Muscovy duck eggs for me. The hen just about took a heart attack when the ducks went swimming in the spring at the back of our property. Other breeds would have a hard time measuring up to their over all rating.
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Pros: Friendly, consistent layer, easy to sex
Cons: None so far!
I purchased her from a farm supply store in early June as a chick. Started laying at about 23 1/2 weeks, but is November, so I think light may have had something to do with it. She has laid a beautiful brown thick shelled egg a day since she started laying. I am still waiting on my Speckled Sussex and Welsummer of the same age to start laying(I have heard they start a little later, so not worried!)

She is very, very sweet and friendly and definitely the boss(but not in a pushy way). They follow me around like puppies. I highly recommend this breed. She is obviously the one in the middle of the picture below

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Pros: Lay loads great for what thre used for
Cons: Boring short lived sickly
Had about 50 exbattery and they went south after only their second lay
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Pros: Docile and beautiful as pets
Cons: Prone to health issues. Be prepared to lose 50% of your flock in the first couple of years.
Mine are almost 3 years old now. I got 6 hens when they were point of lay. They are very lovely birds with beautiful personalities, however we've had a lot of health issues.

1 death at about 12 months old due to complications through sour crop - lots of vet treatments, but she didn't make it.
No more eggs laid at about 18-24 months old from any bird. Eggs started becoming soft shelled and easily broken before this.
1 death about about 2 years old due to egg peritonitis - we had to have her euthanised
1 incident with sour crop at about a month ago - vet bills around $200 included an overnight stay, and then we had to force fed for 4-5 days as she didn't restart eating once the initial issue was resolved. Barely got her through but she seems to be back to her normal crazy self.
1 more bird with confirmed egg peritonitis in early stage. We've paid for her to have a hormone implant to stop eggs forming and being laid inside her body. She has had a complication with an egg getting stuck to her inside and we're nursing her through it now. Her vet bills are more than $300 at the moment

Of my two "healthy" birds, one may have early stages of egg peritonitis as well, and the other goes through a really severe moult every year and loses all her feathers within a couple of days.

In summary. Really lovely birds, but very prone to issues. If I'd known about the issues now I wouldn't have bought them at the time, but now we're attached to them as pets. Egg peritonitis seems to be an issue in any breed that is getting mass produced and Sex Link/ Isa Browns are currently used in egg production here as they lay huge volumes in their first 1-2 years. This causes lots of issues with their little bodies and I'd rather slower egg production over a longer period of years and healthier birds that don't cost a fortune in vet bills.
Pros: Breakfast
Cons: A bit pecky with my other birds
I bought 7 of these at 17-18 weeks old. Within a week and a half they were laying. I got one egg the first day, two the second, three the third, four the fourth, and so on. Eggs were perfect from the start, good size with thick shells. Very people friendly birds, though I find they tend to be sort of pecky with my older birds.
One of the first layers in my flock. Docile and not very vocal.
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Pros: super friendly, good layers
Cons: None
I love this breed , my chikens will jump on my hand and follow me every ware!!!!!

I love them
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Pros: Friendly, Lay eggs sooner then other breeds.
Cons: Can be escape artists. and a bit flighty
I purchase mine at the local tractor supply store in a mix lot of pullets. I have had them for about 4 months and already starting to lay. Usually it a med- large brown egg but every once a while a supper jumbo egg will come along. Very friendly, curious about everything. They are the first to come right up to the door of the pen seeing if I'm carrying any treats for them. Have been know to be too smart and figure out a way to escape from the chicken pen. I have to many times to count gone out to my front porch and there is a chicken wonder where is her treat. Kids love them but are not as clam as the Easter eggers when it comes to holding.

Here is clip that I made showing the different personality between the red sex link and the easter eggers. Enjoy :)
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Pros: Big eggs, nonstop egg machine, friendly!
Cons: Boring in color sometimes
My favorite breed is Cochin for their docile demeanor and cute and quirky looks. But this might be my new favtorite.I got a young RSL hen from a friend. Her first hour she was at the bottom of the pecking order, moping around sad and lonely, then the next day, she was up and with the other hens squawking and scratching. Everyday since I got her (Minus 2 days) she has laid a perfect big brown egg. She's by FAR my best layer. I also love how these girls don't mind getting wet and are easy to sex as chicks! A
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Pros: Friendly, Good egg layer, good food to egg ratio, entertaining
Cons: Hard to tell them apart, Not the best in cold weather.
I've had one RSL for a year now, and she is EVERYONE'S favourite. We just purchased 19 more to help meet our demands for eggs. Our older hen free ranges with everyone else, and is the smartest chicken I have. She is friendly, lays an egg a day in the hot weather, AND the cold. She laid right through her molt. She lays a really big egg too. Hope some of the new chicks are as good as her! They already love to roost on my boots, and run when I call "chick chick chick" - they are being raised by two broodies and did seem kind of broody stupid. Took them a while to realize it was warm under mom.

I've named them all Penny, because I won't be able to tell them apart. We often yell "Penny, leave penny alone!" hehehe...
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Pros: Best layer with big eggs.. Also quiet and docile and very sweet!!
Cons: Rarely goes broody.
What can I say everything is said they are excellent.....!!!
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Pros: Great Egg Layer, Plays Well with Others
Cons: None
Nothing negative
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One of my two GSL will call the rest of my mixed flock to roost every night. if they are late she will go to the run and call them in. They let me pick them up but are a little skittish . They are the least excepting of my younger birds probable because they are the top of pecking order in my flock. Overall good choice.
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