GQF Still Air Hovabator

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  1. Farmer Connie
    "Excellent beginner bator"
    Pros - Simple to use
    Cons - None/ if you are a seasoned user
    Comparable to Farm Innovators and Little Giant 9300 hobby incubators. Simple, basic and a few minor adjustments and you are ready to go.
    I recommend this incubator for the first time hatcher for a trouble free introduction into DYI incubation.
    If you never incubated before, read the instructions.
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  2. birdmandan
    "Ok i guess"
    Pros - Gets the job done. Had 80% hatches. Thick polystyrene walls are better than plastic walls.
    Cons - Expensive for a rather crummy device. Thermostat unreliable. Takes a long time to manually tweek the temperature and make minor adjustments.
    Machine has uneven air pockets. I was able to convert it into a fan forces by splicing a phone charger with a computer fan.
  3. allmychickens
    I bought this in hopes of hatching some chicks... so far no good. I think the thermostat isnt accurate because I either get chicks dying early in incubation or fried yolks!! It is very hard to control and out of 3 tries 0 sucess for me :( I would advise against it
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  1. Farmer Connie
    Your basic hobby incubator. Delivers what it promises. Holds temp, easy clean out. Comparable to Farm Innovators and Little Giant.
    Have not had long enough to test product life span though. Time will tell.
  2. Chickies-duckies-etc
    I also suggest contacting GQF directly, or where ever you bought the incubator. I have used the Hover-Bator and have had good results overall. I have hatched many chicks, ducklings, and goslings in one. When I did have a problem. I called GQF and they were friendly, and took care of the problem very fast.
    There are "do's and don't" with the stryo incubators. Like any tool, they need to be used within their capabilities. I hope you find the problem issue and get it solved.
  3. FuzzyButtsFarm
    I can't speak from experience but, from everything I've read on this site about incubators, leads me to believe that the new Hoverbators and Little Giants are difficult to regulate and are very sensitive to the ambient temperature of the room. You couldn't give me one.
  4. allmychickens
    Yes it was new :( My friend and I bought it last fall
  5. mochilee
    Although I have only used incubators with fans these last 10 years, I used to have the basic Hovabator, and I consider them a good brand. Was yours brand new? Have you tried calling GQF directly and asking for help? I know how frustrating it is to lose a hatch. The wafers do need replacing every so often (I keep a spare around) but if your incubator was new, that should not be the case. Contact them at [email protected] and ask for help. It doesn't hurt to try! Good luck.

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