Gran-I-Grit insoluable crushed granite

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  • North Carolina Granite Company. Selling Poultry Grit since 1935.

    Every formula I found is below 10.00 for 50 lbs. I get mine at Agway :

    Company product brochure PDF . Note the 20% increase in eggs.

    Gran-I-Grit has 5 sizes available.

    Starter(size 1/16"-3/32")

    Grower (3/32"-3/16")

    Layer (3/16"-5/16")

    Turkey (5/16"-7/16")

    Turkey Finisher (7/16"-5/8")

    All info below from the following page:

    How to use:


    Grower size for next four weeks.

    Feed Developer Layer size after six weeks.


    Feed Starter size for three weeks.

    Feed Grower size for next four weeks.

    Feed Developer Layer size after seven weeks.

    Turkeys: Feed Grower for size for three weeks.

    Feed Developer-Layer size for next five weeks.

    Feed Turkey size for next six weeks.

    Feed Turkey finisher size after fourteenth week.

    Amount to Feed

    Usually a bird will eat no more grit than it needs,

    which for a layer is 1/6 to 1/3 lbs per month.

    For an adult turkey 1/3 to 2/3 lbs per month. If an

    occasional flock eats too much grit, change to the

    next larger size.

    Birds pass out grit that is too small. The best rule is to

    feed the largest size the birds will eat in normal quantities.
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  1. 3riverschick
    "Great poultry grit !!"
    Pros - Crushed granite in several sizes. Clean, Almost no dust. Excellent price.
    Cons - None
    Have found all sizes at under 10.00 for 50 lb. bag. Super deal. Nice sharp edges to help birds digest food.
    Feeding correct sizes during hen's lifetime increases egg production. I would highly recommend this product!!
    Karen western PA, USA
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  1. 3riverschick
    Click on the blue hot link : Gran-I-Grit insoluable crushed granite " underneath the pic for detailed instructions on how much and when to feed different sizes of this excellent grit.
  2. GardenFae
    Got some of this from my dad, good to know it's a good product! :)

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