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  1. Whittni
    "Okay but the Horizontals are Much Better"
    Pros - Free Shipping, Keep Dirt/Poop out of water, Overall cleaner, Easy to Install/Use, Less Refilling Needed, Bright, Cost Effective, Good Customer Service
    Cons - N/A
    It's really gross when you get algae inside the regular waterers so I looked into purchasing poultry nipples.


    I really like the poultry nipples I got from Green Garden Chicken. They were easy to install and generally make everything cleaner in the chicken coop and the chicken yard. My hens often scratched dirt into their old waterer and made dirty where I was cleaning it out all the time. Like I said above, I started having problems with algae forming in my main water which was plastic. The plastic is translucent where the sun shines through it and the bacteria grow, even if I put it in the shade. You shouldn't let your chickens drink gross water, when you wouldn't drink from the same thing, you and the chickens could get sick. You just attach the poultry nipples to PVC pipe, or any container and the sunlight is blocked out keeping the water clean.

    The worst mess in your coop or run would be your waterer loosing all that water you just put in it, which gets everywhere! I can't even tell you how pairs of shows that just been drenched from faulty waterers I've owned. The typical waterers just waste a bunch of water when they break, just another reason to join the poultry nipple movement.

    You can use the poultry nipples at poultry shows too, just attach a poultry nipple to a water bottle (half or full sized work great) and hang it up in the cage. They help keep your birds looking their best by only drinking what they need instead of dipping their beards, muffs and/or waddles into a cup and they won't step in their waterers, which is a total nightmare if you've shown a feather-footed chicken. I like the way the Green Garden Chicken nipples have little seals on the inside to keep the water from leaking out and how I can unscrew them to clean them when I do coop maintenance.

    I'd also like to mention that I can use these waters for my pigeons, duck, quail and even turkeys...someday!

    Overall I would recommend the Green Garden Chicken Poultry Nipples to anyone who wants to keep messes out of their current chicken waterers, be cost-effective, good customer service and doesn't want to refill their waterers all the time.

    If you're interested in these poultry nipples, their website is:
    Mouse over the "Chicken Supplies" tab and click on "Poultry Waterers" where you pick one of the sizes. Have a great day & good luck!
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  1. Abriana
    I use nipples that attach into the side of the bucket. The nipple-waterers are much easier to keep clean and cannot be tipped or have dirt and bedding scratched into them. They are easy to clean, but collect algae pretty well. I would say clean every five days at the most.
  2. LoneOak
    Just FYI, this same type water nipple is available and can be ourchased at most online poultry supply houses. They can also be purchased from Ebay or They come from China and can be bought directly-ebay- for less than $2 each, the shipping takes a little longer than normal.

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