Green Garden Chicken Ware Nesting Box

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  1. sarajoy
    "My chickens won't use it!"
    Pros - its less expensive than the plastic ones I've got now
    Cons - My chickens won't even touch it....
    I liked it both because of the price and it is freestanding, didn't have to get attached to a wall or such.
    But not a one of my hens will even touch it. Not sure why. Got one of the plastic ones instead, and found a way to arrange it against straw bales (and surrounded by them, so there is a nice private "entranceway" to the nest) and the chickens love it. I tried exchanging the wood box in the same hidden spot, and no go. I have a regular set of 3 nest boxes, with a lid for gathering eggs - that is attached to the bigger coop I have at present. But I was keeping younger growing birds in that coop for a time, and needed a separate spot for the mature hens to be laying. The plastic kind worked out perfect. I'm going to get ten of those for my new big coop!
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  2. Whittni
    "A Different Kind of Nesting Box"
    Pros - Cheaper than most nesting box options, Dual Purpose for chickens/rabbits (safe to chew),nesting box and possible roost and has a natural nest feel
    Cons - n/a
    As I've been going through Green Garden Chicken's supplies for chickens I came across a unique nesting box that not only could be used for laying hens but for rabbits too. They only use natural wood that's safe for rabbits to chew on and as a rabbit and chicken keeper/exhibitor myself, I really like this box for both species. It looks like a good hiding spot for a rabbit and a unique and down to earth design for a nesting box. When I got my first pullets that began laying they didn't recognize the boxes(standard plastic set) that I did have, and turned to the more natural laying area in my garden's foliage to start laying eggs in, places very similar to the design of this nesting box. While my pullets did eventually figure out where to lay I think this nesting box would have encouraged them to lay in the coop sooner. Here's a picture of what they look like:
    And here's the link to this nesting box: LINK

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  1. Zrcalo
    have you tried flipping it upside-down? the long part on the top?

    I know the only things my birds will nest in are cardboard boxes. :|
  2. sarajoy
    The one I purchased was labeled to be a chicken nesting box, though there was a note stating it was similar to the ones used by rabbits and could be used for such. I did turn the opening to the front, stuffed with hay, and no, they wouldn't touch it. Was really weird.
  3. Minniechickmama
    This is a rabbit nesting box. That is probably why the chickens aren't crazy about it. Maybe if you turned it so the opening were in the front, they would like it then, stuffed with hay?

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