Hanging Bucket Chicken Nipple Waterer

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    Avoid dumping dirty water from trough-style waterers with this Hanging Bucket Waterer. Arrives completely assembled. There is no learning curve - chicks find the water source immediately. This waterer provides a constant supply of clean water to your poultry. Four chicken nipples provide enough clean water for up to 50-60 mature birds or 100 chicks under normal conditions. Simply suspend the bucket so the nipples are at approximately the bird's head height and fill with water.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. BackyardFlock17
    "Really nice. It works well for the chickens..."
    Pros - Chickens like it, Not hard to fill.
    Cons - Sometimes gets airtight and chickens can't get water.
    I love it.
  2. urban sunshine
    "Great waterer for a flock of chickens"
    Pros - Doesn't leak, Has a cover, Hangs, Chickens seem to like it, Keeps water at a nice temperature
    Cons - Hard to refill
    This nipple waterer is great for any size flock of chickens. It wont leak, has a cover to keep dirty water out, hangs to any height, and my flock of chickens (5 hens) learned how to use it on their own within the first week we showed it to them. The only problem is that the tight cover is a bit TOO tight, so at first it's hard to take it off and fill it with water. You could make a hole on the cover so you don't have to take off the cover to fill. One other thing is that the waterer keeps the water at a good temperature. Overall, I would definitely recommend this! [​IMG]

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  1. cooliechick
    My complaint with the nipple waterer is that the nipples freeze quite easily, but are hard to defrost. I ended up holding them with my fingers to do that. Brrrr... I'm thinking the real answer is to keep it from freezing in the first place and, I am wondering if a submersible aquarium heater or a bird bath heater would work. I'd love to hear what others have done to solve this problem.
  2. cooliechick
    I have been thinking of building some type of hanger for mine that does not allow the weight of the water to squeeze the top of the bucket together. A U shaped piece of metal to replace the handle. It would make it easier to get the lid on and off. You could cut a wood or plastic lid to fit your bucket... just a plain disc. Add three stoppers around the edge of the lid to hold it in place. OR, you could cut the outside edge of the snap down part of the lid you have. Several vertical cuts all the way around the bucket lid. That makes it easier to put on and off. There are also big plastic "hooks" that are sort of like an old bottle/can opener made for removing this type of lid. They work nicely too.

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