Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy 10 oz. Tub

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  • Happy Hen Treats is proud to introduce the world's first line of treats specifically made for pet chickens! Happy Hen Treats line of treats provides pet chicken owners a great way to interact with their backyard friends. Quality ingredients go into all of our treats and are tested and approved by our own backyard flock. We know how much you love and appreciate your chickens and we are confident your chickens will love and appreciate a special treat made just for them!

    Contains approximately 10,000 dried mealworms that chickens absolutely love to eat. Dried mealworms offer chickens the taste they love without the inconvenience of storing and handling live worms.

    Feed straight from your hand, scattered on the ground, or in a feeding dish as a treat only. Watch your chickens dance and peck in a frenzy for these 100% natural whole-dried mealworms!

    Weight: 10 oz.
    Quantity: 10,000 Dried Mealworms
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  1. chickerdoodle
    "Yummy for the girls and nutritious too!"
    Pros - Easy to feed and keep available at all times.
    Cons - Not sold locally so have to order on line.
    Our hens love this stuff! Its also healthier to feed them these worms than cat food when they are molting. I don't feed corn or soy so I add a few of these in their rolled oats for scratch. I bought mine on sale this time for only $14.99 too![​IMG]
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  2. littlecreekfarm
    "My chickens love these!"
    My chickens absolutely love mealworms! They will go crazy for them!
  3. ChickensAreSweet
    "Mealworm Frenzy"
    Pros - Chickens love them! No mess!
    Cons - expensive
    Very good treat for chickens.

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  1. Orpingtons4U
    I Know Erin my guinea got into the tub of them and i looked everywhere for the guinea and could not find him then i saw the mealworm tub tipped over and there i saw that guinea inside there eating the mealworms

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