Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy 3.5 oz Bag

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  • Happy Hen Treats is proud to introduce the world's first line of treats specifically made for pet chickens! Happy Hen Treats line of treats provides pet chicken owners a great way to interact with their backyard friends. Quality ingredients go into all of our treats and are tested and approved by our own backyard flock. We know how much you love and appreciate your chickens and we are confident your chickens will love and appreciate a special treat made just for them!

    Contains approximately 3,250 dried mealworms that chickens absolutely love to eat. Dried mealworms offer chickens the taste they love without the inconvenience of storing and handling live worms.

    Feed straight from your hand, scattered on the ground, or in a feeding dish as a treat only. Watch your chickens dance and peck in a frenzy for these 100% natural whole-dried mealworms!

    Weight: 3.53 oz
    Quantity: 3,250 Dried Mealworms
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  1. DustBathSpaDay
    "Chuckle-inducing treat"
    Pros - Made my chicken very happy!
    Cons - none
    These treats were often the high point of Ollie's day! He would chortle and chuckle as he ate them. Always a big deal around our house!
  2. OG Anomaly
    "My chickens are addicted!"
    Pros - Easy to feed, protein rich, great for teaching/training, easy ziplock bag for storage
    Cons - this brand is a little expensive
    Love to watch the girls come running and chase each other around, while snapping up the little dried bits of goodness! If we're not careful, they'll grab the whole bag out of our hands! It's so much fun, a great way to bond with our feathered friends and wonderful entertainment!:D
    We don't bother with the 3.5 oz bad though, we usually get at least double that amount.
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    Several times starting in 2017
  3. KHBaker
    "Not a Hit With My Hens"
    Pros - Affordable for the amount in the bag
    Cons - A bit boring for my chickens
    I was excited to try this product, and at first my chicks liked them! However, they were not nearly as exciting as crickets, or any bug they would get off of the ground. Their coop is attached to a large run, so the outside critters were a lot more exciting. Occasionally I'll put some in the coop, but usually the chickens take a few days to eat them all. A great treat option for some, just not for my flock.
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  1. Abriana
    My chickens love these. They see the bag and come flying and squawking to the fence, and then they try to get through it to the bag. The only two problems: it's kind of expensive for a small bag, and the bags are never big enough. It's gone before i know it and then the chickens look up at me expectantly like, "Where's more?" Overall, they are a great treat.
  2. Debby R
    mealworms and earthworms are not created. You can raise the mealworms yourself from the darkling beetle. It doesn't look too hard but sort of gross. Check out the link from Gramma Chick.
  3. Cluck-a-biddy
    Hmmm.. haven't tried giving them to the babies. The big girls go absolutely nuts over them. We call them their "drugs!" I started with the little bag from the hardware store (for wild birds) and the girls know the bag when I come out with it. So I fill it up with the bulk ones I bought last time. They crack me up! They crowd each other and pace back & forth in front of the gate til I get up there. I have to practically push them aside in order to get in the pen, and while I'm trying to get the gate closed, they fly up and try to grab the bag out of my hands! I end up giving them 4-5 handfuls because they feed like crazed sharks, often fighting over them! I only give them to them every other day. Too expensive to give every day! I got a good deal on Amazon tho. Five pounds for $36.99. I got it in December and still have about half the bag.Wow, I just checked Amazon and they're on sale now for $28.99 with free shipping and not eligible for Prime tho, which is no big deal. I just love watching the girls in their feeding frenzy. They're so funny! I might have to try soaking them in water to see what happens. Also must try with the new babies. I bet they'll love 'em too!
  4. Gramma Chick
  5. Catfsm
    How do you create those non freeze dried mealy worms? I want to make a HUGe amount but not in my kitchen where I do quite a bit of baking (wole grain and a lot of it is gluten free....)

    I also plan to create some earth worms for the chickens. Will they like those?
  6. Catfsm
  7. Debby R
    Mine totally ignore the freeze dried. Their "crack" are the live meal worms! Fed my babies grubs I found when building their coop and pen. You're off easy if yours like freeze dried. Good for you!
  8. J-Sanders
    they are great! We put ours in Ziploc and add a little water too soften and keep them in the fridge for a cool treat. But only a days worth at a time.
  9. LeiaLayers5
    I do not know if all the locations carry them, but Lowes has mealworms in a pretty good sized bag with their bird seed and what not and we typically buy it from there now instead of this brand. Amazon also carries them where you can buy them in bulk for cheaper too. Just a thought. Our chickens love them so much, and are trained to go back into their run for them.
  10. breakout
    If you haven't already discovered this -- chickens are fierce carnivores! They will go nuts for ground beef!

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