Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy

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  1. Abriana
    "My birds love it!!"
    Pros - Great treat
    Keeps them busy for a long time
    Easy to store
    Cons - There is no bag big enough
    Mealworms are a huge treat with my birds. They see the bag and it’s a stampede. If they weren’t contained within a pen and they saw me with mealworms, the only thing to do would be to turn and run as fast as I could.
    If they have to be in the coop for whatever reason I’ll throw a couple handfuls into the shavings and I don’t have to worry about boredom at all. I’ll come back and there still busily scratching away.
    They are a bit pricey which is why they’re a rare treat with my chickens.
    Bonus? They double up as treats for my dog. He loved them!!
  2. flippinggoldfis
    "My chickens love it"
    Pros - Tasty to chickens, dry, special treat
    My chickens loved these mealworm treats. If you want to teach your chickens to come to you, this is the best motivation. My chickens will come for this over fresh greens and veggie scraps.
  3. applebutter14
    "birds LOVE the dried mealworms!!!!"
    Pros - very easy to give to them
    Cons - sometimes you get a different kind of bug (some times there was a dries out beetle in my bag)
    my chickens LOVE the mealworms!!! (my ducks not as much) but this is a really nice treat for them.
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  1. Susan R
    My Girls love them!!!
  2. DuckyGaze
    Would ducks and geese like this also? Just wondering what kind of treats are out there for ducks and geese. :)
  3. Garjzla
    I only buy dried ones, but the chickens still love 'em!
  4. ladyearth
    heck cheaper at TSC... they are made or come from China.. did not realize when I bought them...
    But from now on will get the live ones from Ebay come from USA.. I have ordered twice already MY chicks and 1year old crazy for them....
  5. The Yakima Kid
    Sometimes it comes on sale for less, so I watch for sales. I use it to bribe the girls when I need to do something they don't like, such as holding still to be weighed, or having their leg bands replaced.

    An easy way to reduce the squabbles is to broadcast it by hand throughout the entire chicken yard. A small amount broadcasted can keep them busy for quite a while hunting for all of the tasty treats.
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  6. Jarb1951
    Thank you for the tip! Always looking for a new healthy treat. Will see if I can get it locally, if not, Amazon. Thanks!
  7. September
    My flock looooves these. The ducks just go crazy for them.
  8. Diane8
    my pet chicken, one of the sponsors here has the worms on sale at a good price
  9. Dee Dee 2
    Thanks for the "amazon $ tip". I'll have to figure if that is cheaper (shipping and all) than T.S.. Tried growing them ~ they all died ~ my luck. Can't seem to grow bugs or weeds. (Espote)

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