Harris Farm 5 Gallon Top Fill Waterer

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  • Easy to fill and clean- top fill
    Fully assembled
    Durable poly construction
    5 gallon capacity
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  1. 9blessings
    "Went through two of these and neither one works"
    Pros - Leaks, or doesn't allow water through at all.
    TWO trips and a half a day messing with these to try to get them to work. The first had a defect that wouldn't allow the water to actually come through....the float was constantly pushed up. The second wouldn't STOP running. Ugh!
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  2. WYNot
    "Working great"
    Pros - High capacity
    Cons - Plastic
    Originally bought one of the metal double walls but it wouldn't hold water, kept running out. So far this one is running like a champ and I'm happy with it.
  3. TheSpiceGirls
    "Wish I had found this 5 years ago"
    Pros - So easy to refill w/out having to take the entire unit apart.
    Cons - Still need to clean it.
    No drinker is perfect but this one is by far my favorite of the 8 or so I've tried over the years.

    The drinking pan does still get dirty from the hens beaks. But I find I an take a brush and swirl it around quickly and dump the dirty water. Then let the unit refill from what's in the tank and refill the tank if necessary. I do this once or twice a week and then once a month or so take the whole unit apart for a good scrubbing.

    It does have to be on a level surface. I have mine on two cinder blocks and it's working nicely. Love that I don't have to take the whole unit apart to refill.

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  1. Farmer Connie
    I have 2 of these. Hanging from the barn rafters not in service. Wasted so much time and effort trying to make them work efficiently. Either they empty out over night or clog from the float mechanism below that has to be dismantled way too often to clean it or is will quit working.
    Either way, not worth risking dehydration of my flock on products that need more time with maintenance than the birds do.
    Spend a little extra cash for the metal "slide over" waterer. Set it and forget.. wipe it out and refill.
    The photos of these products are the only good thing about them. Sorry guys!
  2. adrikeen
    It works great if you make sure the bottom tray is screwed on tightly. I couldn't figure out why my bedding kept being wet and mushy but I had the waterer level. :eek:
  3. WYNot
    @chickbird Bought at TSC. Don't remember what I paid.

    @hellbender The metal one was perfectly level. We built a small platform (think mini table) and sunk the legs into the ground and leveled the top before setting the waterer on it. It still leaked. The plastic one is now on the same platform and does not leak at all. For whatever reason, the metal one wouldn't hold a vacuum. The plastic one uses a float so don't have to worry about it holding a vacuum like you do with the double walled waterers.
  4. hellbender
    Everything gets dirty....clean it. Few hobbies are work-free.
  5. hellbender
    Almost all chicken water containers will leak if they aren't absolutely level. It's best to hang them with a piece of bailing twine from dead-center of the handle at the proper height for the size of the birds. Most will never leak if utilized this way.
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  6. chickbird
    How much does it cost and where can you buy it?
  7. 4stakes
    We like ours also. Then only thing they need to fix is the float. It will fill up with water and empty the waterer.
  8. mjmkjun
    I have one too. Since freezing temps have subsided I started using it last week. I like that the soiled water in drink tray can't backflow to mix with the reserve water due to a valve. So much easier to manage water with this unit.
  9. DaveMorey
    I will have to check it out. Thank You. If I had not been so stubborn and thought about it I probably could have used some type of sealant to fix the old one. Unfortunately, my frustration won over.
  10. thomasboyle
    Go to Harris Farms website, and contact them, and ask for the new re-designed float. Mine came with a black plastic float with a flat end and a round end. Harris Farms sent me a new red one which is flat on both ends, and this new float has been working perfectly. Have not needed to fiddle with the new float.

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