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Harris Farms 4220 Plastic Poultry Water Fountain, 1-Gallon

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    Harris Farms Llc
    Jensen Distributing - Lawn & Garden
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    Harris Farms has managed to gain a reputation as a quality leader in poultry feeders and drinkers. Made from durable materials and as few parts as possible, our products are designed and tested to ensure they last for many low maintenance years.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. applebutter14
    "very good,"
    Pros - is cheap, hangs good,
    Cons - it leaks when you flip it over to put it down
    i bought one this year, and it was really cheap, less then $10.00. it works really good, too. i had to hang it because my birds would knock it over. and it leaks when you flip it over to put it down, but once it is down it stops leaking. it is very good!
  2. ageewax
    "Probably as good as it will get for plastic..."
    Pros - Hanging, fairly sturdy, easy to put together, limited spillage when you get the hang of it
    Cons - Fills from the bottom (has to be completely empty to be refilled), still more leakage than with a metal waterer
    So I really prefer the double walled metal waterers. They are study and the filling method is more efficient. With this plastic waterer, you have to wait for your chickens to run out of water or dump out the last bit of water to refill it. That bothers me - I don't like wasting water. But the top fill plastic waterers break. And I need to give my chickens apple cider vinegar. So such is life. As far as plastic waterers go, this one is probably the most reliable one you'll find. Reliability beats convenience for me. I can't have this thing breaking while I'm at work. It does tip and spill a little, especially when flipping. But I have yet to have it come apart while flipping it over. As the waterer gets closer to empty, the more likely it is to tip and spill even when hanging. So you have to keep it relatively full so that the weight of the water keeps it steady. Unfortunately, you can only fill it when it is empty unless you want to get a little water on you. So it's up to you.
  3. GardenFae
    "Good, Inexpensive Waterer for a Small Backyard..."
    Pros - Inexpensive, heavy duty plastic, easy to clean, easy to fill
    Cons - Swings a lot when hanging (prone to spills), if not level, may leak
    I've had this waterer for my girls since they were only a few weeks old and it works great. Got one with a red base and a feeder to match. The feeder hangs in the run, the water sits next to it on a stack of pavers. I tried hanging the waterer, but in my small run the chickens will chase each other under/over/around the base and set it swinging especially if it's not very full, and then I have to clean up wet bedding and refill the water. I work all day; I can't be checking water levels every few hours. Instead, setting it up on 12" pavers works for me and the height is easily adjustable as the birds grow. You do have to get it relatively level as if the water in the base gets up over the clips that hold the bucket to the base it will leak out through those clips. Found this out the hard way when I set it askew on some pine shavings and soaked the floor under my brooder box. I transport it upside-down to keep it from spilling and only flip it before opening the run to put it in; this works well for me but it's not very heavy even when full so carrying by the handle is also quite manageable. The top has 4 'legs' which do double duty as a stand to keep it steady when filling/setting upside-down and a deterrent for perching birds.

    Both feeder and waterer are very easy to take apart and clean and go back together quickly, and although smaller chicks can perch on the edge the pullets are now way too big for that. I've found that keeping the handle up dissuades smaller pullets from trying to climb on top as well. The mature birds don't bother trying.

    Overall, this is a good value for the money and a great fit for a tiny flock - any bigger and I'd want more capacity but one gallon is a good size for my four birds. I'm looking forward to seeing how it lasts through the winter.
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User Comments

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  1. bawkbawkz
    Does anyone else have a problem with this style leaking out? If I set this on even slightly uneven ground (of course with the hole on the down slope,) the water slowly leaks out. I noticed that where the white top "screws" in to the green base, there's no seal. On the old octagon style, the black cap seals on and the only opening is the hole the water comes out of. On this one, the meeting of the white top and the green base is actually above the water line.
  2. dandeliondragon
    I bought one its great but they still get hay in it its hanging about 3 inches of the ground so its confusing?
  3. bantiesrule
    You can get them at TSC for $6.99 or a 5 quart (slightly bigger) at Mills Fleet Farm for $4.99.
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  4. ChocolateMouse
    It's a shame they're $18 in America... ;P

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