Harris Farms 4220 Plastic Poultry Water Fountain, 1-Gallon

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    Harris Farms Llc
    Jensen Distributing - Lawn & Garden
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    Harris Farms has managed to gain a reputation as a quality leader in poultry feeders and drinkers. Made from durable materials and as few parts as possible, our products are designed and tested to ensure they last for many low maintenance years.
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  1. EggSighted4Life
    Pros - It holds water.
    Cons - Hard to twist off and on. Shallow well freezes easily.
    I won't be purchasing this style of waterer again. I was hoping it would keep waddles and crests out of the water. It works for crests but not waddles. Also, thought it would keep my dogs from drinking the chicken water, but doesn't do that either. My biggest issue is that it's difficult to twist off and on. I fight it both ways EVERY time. Standard screw on will be easier. I also don't like how much dirt settles on the bottom even inside the base of the jug area. So I have to kinda scrub it every time I fill. It is better than a big bowl of water that chicks can fall into and drown much easier. Another thing I don't appreciate about it is that when you turn it upside down, half the water is not in the jug anymore which I realize doesn't change it's stated capacity because it is in the well still but my mind sees it as half empty when I just filled it up. So I hold it under water to let it fill all the way including the little well part. It works, just not well enough for me. I also find the small water well portion freezes easily and doesn't break up as easily, despite we rarely even hit 32. When we do it's frozen even under the covered run.
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    last month
  2. ChattyChickens4Life
    "Hard to twist off"
    Pros - Holds water for a few days, Stays relatively clean
    Cons - The green part is INCREDIBLY hard to twist off. It needs a thorough cleaning every few days because of buildup.
    The green section is very hard to twist off! I'm talking a two adult job. This most recent time I went to refill the waterer, I couldn't even get the green part off. I just put my hose up to the little hole and filled it up from there. I will be getting a new new waterer.
  3. applebutter14
    "very good,"
    Pros - is cheap, hangs good,
    Cons - it leaks when you flip it over to put it down
    i bought one this year, and it was really cheap, less then $10.00. it works really good, too. i had to hang it because my birds would knock it over. and it leaks when you flip it over to put it down, but once it is down it stops leaking. it is very good!

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  1. Larry Rose
    Yes, sometimes it is hard to get off. I use a Cement Block under my water faucet and if you turn the water'er upside down and use the hole in the block, it works great to remove the base from the top. Just flip the wire hanger over, place in the block hole and unscrew! The four little tabs that make a square, fit in a block perfectly. Then just unscrew the base from the top.... The wire is made for hanging. This way it will always be level and not leak. I hang mine as far from the ground as is necessary for the birds to reach it. Keeps the water cleaner this way.
  2. bawkbawkz
    Does anyone else have a problem with this style leaking out? If I set this on even slightly uneven ground (of course with the hole on the down slope,) the water slowly leaks out. I noticed that where the white top "screws" in to the green base, there's no seal. On the old octagon style, the black cap seals on and the only opening is the hole the water comes out of. On this one, the meeting of the white top and the green base is actually above the water line.
  3. dandeliondragon
    I bought one its great but they still get hay in it its hanging about 3 inches of the ground so its confusing?
  4. bantiesrule
    You can get them at TSC for $6.99 or a 5 quart (slightly bigger) at Mills Fleet Farm for $4.99.
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  5. ChocolateMouse
    It's a shame they're $18 in America... ;P

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