Harris Farms 4221 Plastic Poultry Water Fountain, 3-1/2-Gallon

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    Harris Farms Llc
    Jensen Distributing - Lawn & Garden
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    Harris Farms has managed to gain a reputation as a quality leader in poultry feeders and drinkers. Made from durable materials and as few parts as possible, our products are designed and tested to ensure they last for many low maintenance years. Our poult
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  1. winteree
    "I love this waterer!!"
    Pros - Large capacity, easily washable, easily opened, good strong handle, large water tray (everyone can drink at once), Not overly heavy, strong walls
    Cons - very easily dirtyed (but what isn't with ducks), no padding on the handle, must be careful turning over
    I love this waterier i can only say it over and over again. I had a 1 gallon waterier for my 5 anacona ducks and i was changing it almost every 4 hours needless to say i needed a bigger waterier after going through the reviews of other more expensive waterier i thought their was no hope they all seemed to have the same problems with crappy handles and bad rubber seals. So i started to look for a larger flip over waterier after all i raised all my birds on flip over waterier why change something that works and i came a cross this one on amazon it had one good one bad review i was desperate so i bought it. I have had it for one week and it is doing very well.

    This waterier is about 18 inches tall the base is screwed to the top with three tab openings that fit three tabs on the reservoir itself all three must be locked in before the waterier is turned over or you will get very wet. The weight on this waterier is very nice (about 15-20lbs) i don't have to go put on my lifting belt to fill this one like i had to with the 7 gallon waterier's my grams had and if I'm fast i don't need a pad for the handle when i carry it (full) a cross the yard but that is a complaint i do have i would like the handle to have a pad of some kind instead of being straight metal like a bucket. Best of all this is nothing special that has to be done it get this waterier to hold water (as long as the ground is level) just fill, screw on the base, and flip over. I still have to change the water for my ducks every day but compared with the 4-6 times or so a day i was doing before i can handle that. If this waterier keeps doing this well i will be getting two more for my other birds
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