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Harris Farms Poultry Watering Cup

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Recent User Reviews

  1. cwelte
    "Don't work"
    The yellow "trigger" is too low in the cup so when they peck at it, they get very little water. This made it really hard to train them. I tried to take them apart to see if the design could be improved on, but it looks like the trigger is intended to be that low in the cup. Weird.

    Had I known, I would have bought the ones with the float in them.
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  2. Dawnjanell
    "Hens don't use it."
    Cons - To complex for my girls
    I have a variety of waterers and this is the only style my girls won't use. They will drink the water from the little cups but can't figure out to peck the yellow bit to refill. I showed them how it worked many many times but eventually swapped it out for the plain nipple style.

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