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Hatcheries, Day Old Chicks

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Recent User Reviews

  1. ChanLillie
    "Cackle hatchery"
    Pros - They send extras and guarantee that your chicks arrive alive. Great prices especially if you order bigger sums.
    Cons - NONE!
    I got a box of 50 chicks and 10 ducks, all of them arrived alive and are doing wonderful! I love their surprise box and their different bargains! The staff is super friendly also.
  2. CherriesBrood
    "Backyard chickens hatchery"
    Pros - Awesome services, try to fill your every requests as best they can, sex baby chicks better than any other hatcheries, are true to breed.
    Cons - Very expensive
    I love Backyard chickens hatchery! If you read the pros you'll see why, iv ordered chicks three times from them, and just ordered another batch that should be here in two more days! Backyard chickens is by far the best hatchery I think is out there, the only problem I don't like is their costs currently. Now I don't remember the costs ever being like this before, but this time I ordered I paid 50+ dollars for only 3 baby chicks including shipping!!! I love their hatchery, but I hate their prices! Their baby chicks come healthy tho which is good, and they guarantee a refund for any dead bays chicks so many days after they come in the mail, or something like that.
  3. Zerlog
    "Mcmurray Blunders"
    Pros - Have lots of breeds
    Cons - Gives you roosters as extras, if you order hens, you will mostly get roosters.
    Okay, so my story goes like this: It was April 2014. We had just picked up our first chicks from a feed store. They were 4 Black Australorps. We still have them, and they are very tame and laying well. Since we had a good first experience with chickens, we decided to order 4 more hens from Mcmurray hatchery. We ordered 2 buff rocks (not Buff Orpingtons) ,one barred rock, and one easter egger. We were ordering as a large group from 4-h, so someone just went to Iowa to get them. Well, they gave us 6 chicks instead, so we got 3 Buff rocks, one barred rock, one Black Australorp,and one Easter Egger. One of the Buff Rocks died a few weeks later[​IMG], so we were left with 5. As they got older, one of the buff rocks started to crow. We realised he was a rooster,so we tried to keep him quiet. Then the barred Rock started crowing. Then the black Australorp. They were making som uch noise, we just had to drop the Barred Rock and Australorp at someone's farm. We kept the Buff Rock, though, because he was so friendly. We eventually found a wildlife rehab center that would take him and put him with a large flock of hens. So we were left with 1 easter Egger, and one Buff Rock (which we thought was a hen,because it looked exactly like one.) We left for a trip to see some relatives, and when we got back, it was like someone swapped it out with a rooster. We didn't know what to do, so we just kept looking for homes for it. Until, one day we got an Email from someone who had seen out old posters at a feed store. He wanted to know if we had any left (he wanted to start incubating) so we said we had 1 left. That day I was also preparing a barn for the rabbit show at the County Fair, so we just met up there. I was happy to get all the roosters homes, but not so happy with Mcmurray hatchery.

    The moral? Don't order day-old chicks from Mcmurray hatchery.

User Comments

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  1. rlhagan56
    My Pet Chicken get their chicks from other hatcheries as I understand it. Cackle Hatchery has been wonderful to us. Year after year they send me healthy, strong chicks that they raise themselves. Their customer service is the best I have had! I have ordered 8 different breeds from them and all matured into beautiful birds.
  2. OilyChick
    I was about to order from Cackle hatchery! AND OEG's too..but won't be doing that now. Thank you for posting
  3. MamaWalker
    I love this hatchery! I bought my orpingtons from them last year and have another order on the way. They are friendly, great communication & I'm super pleased with the birds.
  4. CherriesBrood
    I'm sorry I got the name mixed up, It's called Chickens for backyards hatchery
  5. jmandawn
    Nothing but Kudos to Murray McMurray. So far they are batting 100% for us with two orders and are shipping to Alaska.
  6. beetandsteet
    Ideal is a great hatchery. You are right, they breed for production, not necessarily show quality. All my "Ideal" chickens have been healthy, with great livability, and their offspring have had fabulous fertility (always nearly 100% on my hatches). People who do want show quality should purchase from a breeder.
  7. jillscoop
    Paul Smith is the best quality you'll find anywhere. $10.00 is very inexpensive for his birds. After you see a hatchery mutt bird up against one of the show birds Paul and Angela raise, you'll never be happy with a mutt bird again. I have a few of his birds and I would have gladly paid twice as much for them.
  8. MeeMa Brown
    My experience with MPC was fine. 5 months and no health problems.
  9. kristofandmama
    I ordered six chicks from My Pet Chicken - they all arrived just fine and thrive to this day. They seem like excellent birds and beautiful to boot. Only the Gold Lace Wyandotte is not particularly pretty, but certainly big and healthy. Customer service was very nice - the day of my ship they did not have one of my choices but substituted in a Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte, which was a higher priced chick and also has turned out to be one of my favorites.

    I also know that the company cares about their chicks - there was a recent incident in Connecticut, where i live, when about 20 chicks were ordered and then refused after ship date - the company owner personally called a local chicken keeper who fostered them until they could find other homes - at no cost, just to save the chicks.

    I've ordered from Meyer and My Pet Chicken and both have been 100% problem free. You must cross-reference availabilities for the breeds you want from their calendars, not all chicks are available at all times - it's not Amazon. All reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.
  10. CherriesBrood
    Well, it's these people backyard chickens. They also have a hatchery. I think it might be better if you looked at it yourself I'm bad at explaining things. It's actually called backyard chickens hatchery.

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