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  1. kMamaHen
    "Chickens for Backyards"
    Pros - Healthy chicks; order accuracy; shipping date accuracy; excellent customer service; small orders; reasonably priced; rare breeds.
    Cons - None, really, although I wish the two extra chicks had been listed on the packing slip, just so I had a clue about one of them.
    Healthy, thriving, accurate order:

    This was my first order of chicks - received right on schedule a box full of healthy chicks, all alive, beautiful, healthy.

    As of 6.5 weeks old, they are still thriving, all appear to be the breeds and genders I ordered (plus two extras that were sent - one might be a Cream Legbar that I didn't order but who is absolutely stunning; the other was an extra Buff Orpington). Haven't had to contact customer service, but when I was putting together my order and asking questions, they were Johnny-on-the-Spot helpful.

    I was nervous about my very first chick order, and my hatchery options were limited since I just wanted to order a few from specific breeds. Having seen positive reviews from the folks at backyardchickens, I gave it a shot; and I would definitely place my order here again.
    Purchase Price:
    $70, including shipping and Marek's vaccine, for 4 chicks (plus 2 free extras), including an OE and a BCM.
    Purchase Date:
    12/4/17 with 4/2/18 hatch date.
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  2. Hens_for_Eggs
    "Murray McMurray Hatchery"
    Pros - Never had an injured chick from this place, all (seemingly) in good health, excellent variety, supplies for sale.
    Cons - We've had one hen with a crooked beak, but otherwise the rest of the 20 birds were perfectly healthy and grew into adulthood.
    Purchase Price:
    5.60 for a female Dominique
    Purchase Date:
    May of 2014
  3. dazluv1977
    "My Pet Chicken"
    Pros - Very good customer service.
    Cons - No problems
    I called the advice line before making my purchase. The lady I spoke with took her time and answered all of my questions. She gave me great advice. I felt so much better about becoming a backyard chicken farmer. I was confident in my breed choices and in my ability to take care of the day old chicks. I purchased 14 hens and a rooster. They are all thriving and I couldn't imagine life without them.
    Day 1 20170614_141409.jpg
    5 1/2 months later 20171124_163703.jpg Rooster Cogburn.jpg
    Purchase Date:
    June 5th
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  1. springvalley123
    Privett Hatchery (and a big box farm supply store that gets their birds there)--
    I have bought ducklings and chicks from a store who got the birds from Privett Hatchery in New MExico (I live north of Phoenix), and all survived and thrived. I also ordered 25 chicks from there. They shipped exactly when they said, and shipped the breeds and sex (pullets) that I ordered (no mistakes). They only shipped 25, and one arrived dead, so they promptly credited my credit card. Previously they answered my question as to which breeds had single combs (since they might not be breed standard), which was a help.
  2. rlhagan56
    My Pet Chicken get their chicks from other hatcheries as I understand it. Cackle Hatchery has been wonderful to us. Year after year they send me healthy, strong chicks that they raise themselves. Their customer service is the best I have had! I have ordered 8 different breeds from them and all matured into beautiful birds.
  3. OilyChick
    I was about to order from Cackle hatchery! AND OEG's too..but won't be doing that now. Thank you for posting
  4. MamaWalker
    I love this hatchery! I bought my orpingtons from them last year and have another order on the way. They are friendly, great communication & I'm super pleased with the birds.
  5. CherriesBrood
    I'm sorry I got the name mixed up, It's called Chickens for backyards hatchery
  6. jmandawn
    Nothing but Kudos to Murray McMurray. So far they are batting 100% for us with two orders and are shipping to Alaska.
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  7. beetandsteet
    Ideal is a great hatchery. You are right, they breed for production, not necessarily show quality. All my "Ideal" chickens have been healthy, with great livability, and their offspring have had fabulous fertility (always nearly 100% on my hatches). People who do want show quality should purchase from a breeder.
  8. jillscoop
    Paul Smith is the best quality you'll find anywhere. $10.00 is very inexpensive for his birds. After you see a hatchery mutt bird up against one of the show birds Paul and Angela raise, you'll never be happy with a mutt bird again. I have a few of his birds and I would have gladly paid twice as much for them.
  9. MeeMa Brown
    My experience with MPC was fine. 5 months and no health problems.
  10. kristofandmama
    I ordered six chicks from My Pet Chicken - they all arrived just fine and thrive to this day. They seem like excellent birds and beautiful to boot. Only the Gold Lace Wyandotte is not particularly pretty, but certainly big and healthy. Customer service was very nice - the day of my ship they did not have one of my choices but substituted in a Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte, which was a higher priced chick and also has turned out to be one of my favorites.

    I also know that the company cares about their chicks - there was a recent incident in Connecticut, where i live, when about 20 chicks were ordered and then refused after ship date - the company owner personally called a local chicken keeper who fostered them until they could find other homes - at no cost, just to save the chicks.

    I've ordered from Meyer and My Pet Chicken and both have been 100% problem free. You must cross-reference availabilities for the breeds you want from their calendars, not all chicks are available at all times - it's not Amazon. All reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

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