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Pros: The best place for quality
Cons: None
This is where i get all of my birds!!! Murray McMurray Hatchery Is the Best!!!!
They also offer deals to 4-H Poultry clubs!!!!!!! Love my Birds!!
Wishing The best
Pros: Very good prices, fast shipping, large variety and just plain friendly staff!
Cons: Crazy shipping costs, only straight run bantams.
This is my first time ordering from meyer hatchery and I am very happy with their service. They are fast to reply and have very cheap chicks. Although some of their shipping charges are obscene, they have overall great variety and prices and very nice people. I heard the chicks ship fast and arrive happy and healthy.
Meyer is also the only hatchery I've seen that offers free NPIP certificate papers with your order.
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Pros: Will ship as few as 3 chicks; sells sexed bantams
Cons: Prices higher than most
I've had orders from mypetchicken.com. No problems, chicks lively. As far as I know, this is the only hatchery that sells bantams sexed. Also, it's a great place for people with very small backyards(like me)and only need a few chicks.
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Pros: Shipped fast, sent extras, sent detailed instructions, easy to use website, catalogues available, tons of breeds to choose from, no chicks died
Cons: 15 chick minimum
I ordered 15 hens and 1 rooster. All are beautiful and healthy, and they all lived (they sent me an extra, and she lived too). Best of all, they are located very close to me (in southern Missouri) so I can visit the hatchery if I want more chicks later. They sent my chicks out very quickly, and sent clear, detailed instructions on how to care for my new arrivals! Their website is easy to use and order from, and they also have a nice color catalogue that I enjoyed looking through to see all the beautiful breeds they have to choose from, as well as other types of birds. I'm thinking about ordering some ducklings or keets from them!
I work for a feed and seed store, and we have been ordering from Ideal Poultry for many many years. We go through 1,000-2,000 birds every season. We have never received any complaints about them being incorrectly sexed, and they guarantee against death on delivery and they also guarantee their sexing up to 90%. All in all, this is a fantastic hatchery.
Pros: Beautiful and healthy chicks
Cons: Had two die
I ordered from cackle hatchery and got 20 chicks. They sent extras and all of them have grown up to be beautiful birds! I had two die when they arrived from failure to thrive. I also got plenty of pullets out of straight run chicks. They also were able to ship them very soon and that was unexpected.
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Pros: Great Customer service, Health Chicks
Cons: none!!
I purchased the Heavy Pullets package of 25 chicks in January of 2011 and was able to pick my ship/hatch date for late march. The hatchery sent me an assortment of chicks, all of which were pullets. I recieved a healthy and lively chicks all of which thrived to laying stage! All of my hens (golden comets, columbian cross, wyandottes, and speckled sussex) are excellent layers and have great temperments. I plan on continuing business with Mt. Healthy Hatchery (mthealthy.com) for all of my future chick purchases.
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Pros: Great Birds
I ordered the Brown Egg Layers Special from Murray McMurray last summer and all I can say is wow. The order comes with 25 of various breeds and they throw in a free exotic chick. They gave me 26 girls plus a Buff Laced Polish roo as my bonus. They all grew up strong and healthy and the mix was wonderful. I got some red colored breeds, some white, some barred rocks, 1 black one. I did lose some but it was to dogs and had nothing to do with the health of these birds. I just ordered from a different hatchery this year because when you start order different breeds from Murray they charge a significant amount more plus shipping is a little expensive with Murray. But I got all strong healthy chicks and I have nothing bad to say about my experience with Murray. I will post again whenever I get my new chicks from this other hatchery.

I posted 2 pictures of my chicks when I got them from Murray. The one picture of them in the box is literally when they arrived to my house. I opened the box and there they all were alive and hungry!
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Pros: Great service, nice birds, accurate sexing
I have bought from Murray McMurray for over 30 years. I have never had one bad experience with them. I have bought from other hatchers as well with less than stellar experiences. Murray McMurray is head and shoulders above the rest!
Pros: Excellent Service
Cons: none so far
I have ordered from them several times and have always picked up my order. Have never lost a chick, all have been healthy and active. Customer service was very good. Will do business with them again!!

Your mileage may vary
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