HealthPro EBB-1 "Watch-Me-Grow" Digital Baby Scale with Soothing Music, Backlit LCD, Length Tracker

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    Track your baby's growth progress with the HealthPro EBB-1 "Watch-Me-Grow" Digital Baby Scale. Purchasing the right baby scale can be simple if you know which functions you need and keep a style and size in mind. If you are tracking your babies growth at home, the EBB-1 "Watch-Me-Grow" Digital Baby Scale will provide the accuracy you need. The blue backlit LCD screen is easy to read, and a contoured bear-shaped design with liner pad to keep your baby comfortable while the soothing music will keep your child calm and still. Also includes a length measuring tape and growth chart to mark your baby's progress.
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  1. Tevyes Dad
    "An alternative to "animal" scales."
    Pros - Inexpensive Acurate Easy to Clean
    Cons - None
    When my ducks were babies, I weighed them on a food scale. This was horrible because they would kick the tray off the scale if I used the tray and if I didn't, it was too small and nearly impossible to get a good weight before they scampered off of it. The food scale only went up to 5 pounds, so even if it had worked great, it was no longer useful for most of my flock once they were grown. I looked around at various animal scales and stumbled across some baby scales in my search. For the most part, baby scales are cheaper and they seem like they are pretty much the same (in this weight range). This scale goes up to 44 lbs (20kg) so is more than adequate for chickens, ducks and geese and might work for some turkeys.

    The surface is easy to clean which is always good when handling animals and it is battery operated which means you can take it to where the animals are instead of the other way around. I weighed some light objects (between 4 oz and 1-1/2 lb) and compared them to my food scale, and the two scales agreed, so the low end is accurate.

    The concave shape of the top convinced my ducks to stay put long enough to get a good weight (after the initial squirming) and the scale didn't move around when they struggled. The display was easy to read, and is even backlit so you can see it in poor light.

    The soothing music is awful, fortunately if you don't push the button, you don't have to hear it. Although it is all plastic (which is easy to clean), it doesn't flex or feel cheap. We will see how it holds up, but I would expect it to last a long time.
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