Hova Bator - Automatic Egg and Quail Turner - 1610

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  • FOR HOVA BATOR INCUBATORS ONLY. During incubation, eggs must be turned several times a day to prevent the yolk from setting to one side and to exercise the embryo. Turning the eggs by hand is the most demanding and time consuming part of egg incubation. Specifications: Turner hold a total of six egg racks. Each Universal Egg Rack holds 7 eggs, any size from a partridge egg up to duck eggs (total 42 eggs per turner). Each Quail Egg up to duck eggs (total 42 eggs per turner). Each Quail Egg Rack holds 20 quail eggs (total 120 eggs per turner), 15" x 15" x 3",110 Volt AC
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  1. Compost King
    "I bought it, it works, I am happy"
    Pros - It works
    Cons - Can't think of any
    I bought it, it works, I am satisfied.
  2. For my girl
    "Jumbo James Marie quail eggs don't fit"
    Pros - If your eggs fit it can take over the job of turning them.
    Cons - Poorly made plastic parts have excess plastic from the molding process and slightly off mold marks that keep it from turning smoothly. Jumbo quail eggs don't fit the cups, fall out, jam the machine, and it destroys itself.
    I thought I would upgrade my Hovabator by adding an automatic Hovabator egg turner. I bought the quail rails to go with it. I couldn't do 6 rails at once because the eggs in one tray would hit the other. Okay - I can sill do 100 at a time. Okay - I have to leave one out at the motor - but 99 is good. But several of my eggs fall out of the cups each day for a few days, and get crushed as it turns. Down to 85 before we get to lockdown - but I still got a respectable 72 hatches. Next time around, I carefully sorted the eggs to make them fit better - and had a tiny one that fit by the motor. Same thing with eggs falling out, only this time all of the trays except one dumped. It ends up that the moving arm broke. I ordered a new one - and glued a strip of wood to this one to finish the hatch. Then I found out that it also broke an arm to one of the trays. Only on day 2 of 17 - and I'm concerned that because of the jossleing and the time with the incubator open that it will be a very low hatch rate. 20180126_174414.jpg 20180126_171836 crop.jpg
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    December 10 2017
  3. WallabyOfChaos
    "Good for the hobbyist"
    Pros - reliable turner
    Cons - probably won't suit duck eggs
    I like this little turner. I bought it along with a still air Hovabator 1601N and have always had great success with both chicken and guinea eggs. Every time we used it we ended up hatching over 90%. I use this turner every time we set chicken eggs, and it probably gets used 4 or 5 times a year. My only drawback is that I am currently setting some duck eggs, but because this turner holds the eggs up on their end (which is not advised for duck eggs) I won't be using it this time.

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  1. ChicKat
    Hi guys, - it is a little bit unusual that you are just showing the egg turner and not the actual incubator.
  2. RBahmer
    You are welcome.I don't have a lot of experience but I am smart enough to know 1 out of 31 isn't good. The next time I got 2 out of 24.I have had several experts tell me to get rid of that thing and get a good one!!! So I am. My hubby set 18 eggs in an old ancient Sears & Roebuck one and didn't worry about his humidity or nothing. His hatch rate was waaaay better than mine was with the piece of crap I used.
  3. ~goingcluckcrazy~
    Thank you RBahmer for agreeing I used this incubator around 10 times so I have had experience.
  4. RBahmer
    I agree 100%. I had 1 hatch out of 31 good eggs.It is a piece of crap. I am in the process of buying a GOOD incubator and throw this Hova Bator out the door.I wouldn't even give it away to someone.
  5. OwlLover
    How many times have you even used it?

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