How to Raise Poultry

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  • Prized for their feathers or eggs, raised for their meat or their beauty or simply for fun, poultry of a dazzling array of sorts and sizes have a place in the heart of farmers, ranchers, and bird fanciers alike. If you want to raise fowl—of whatever kind and for whatever reason—this book is the perfect place to begin. Poultry expert Christine Heinrichs lays out the distinctions between waterfowl (ducks, geese, and swans), turkeys, gamebirds (peafowl, pheasants, quail, and others), ratites (ostriches, emus, and rheas), and pigeons. She then clearly details the very different requirements for raising each species, from feeding and housing to husbandry and health, to showing and marketing and legal concerns. Whether you’re thinking of starting a flock or acquiring a few feathered friends, this handy guide tells you everything you need to know to raise healthy poultry for pleasure or profit—or both. Breed Guide & Selection Proper Care & Healthy Feeding Building Facilities & Fencing
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  1. backyardcelia
    "fact filled, jam packed, inspiring and easy to..."
    Pros - comprehensive overview, tables, maps, illus., photos
    Cons - at that bargain price, i can not think of any!
    i might be biased, because i read this book while looking at the caribbean sea, but i loved this book. usually i skim a book and then read it cover to cover... not this book, i read it page by page, cover to cover... twice. and that was before we got our chickens. it made me confident in my decision that i had already made(we were just about to get the chicks) it made me think seriously about what other poultry might fancy me.... i mean, i had never thought i'd keep chickens, so why not rethink other birds as well... we have the space, we have the commitment, so sky's the limit!

    this book is where i got the notion to absolutely have a pond dug (we have not done it yet, but it takes me a while to do my research... and part with our money!) this book made me decide against our originally intended future guinea hens, and so we thought about ducks for the first time. it also made me think that my peacock dream could be a reality. if this book were hard covered i would have given it 5 stars!
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  1. backyardcelia
    i did think of one thing, i don't know if "how to raise" is the best description(title)... one would definitely want a much more specific book for that!

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