HP3 - 3 Gallon Rubber Feed Pan

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  1. Chick-N-Fun
    "Only feeding pans I use on my farm!"
    Pros - Versatile for all my animals
    Smaller sizes for smaller animals
    Large pans for my horses
    Great in winter, won’t crack when water freezes
    Easy to clean
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  2. CuzChickens
    "Great, versatile pan."
    Pros - Versatile, easy to get frozen water out of
    Cons - After about 2 years it really gets pretty worn out.
    I bought one of these for my duckling when he was little to splash around in, when he grew up, it became the pigs feed bowl, it has held up fairly well, I am still using it as a pig feed bowl. When water freezes in it, it is very easy to turn over and stomp on with a frostbitten foot and get the chunk of ice out.
  3. So cal chickens
    "HP3 - 3 Gallon Rubber Feed Pan"
    Pros - easy to fill
    Cons - none
    I use this for my waterer in all my coops. I hook up a sprinkler drip system over it so it gets refilled everyday when the sprinkler comes on. it wont crack or fade and has held up very well.
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