HumidiKitTM - Auto Humidity System for Incubators

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    One of the common hassles with incubation is maintaining the humidity inside the incubator. These hassles include the need to frequently fill the water reservoirs or not being able to maintain the desired humidity. We are proud to introduce the HumidiKit automatic humidity system for egg incubators. This system is designed to instantly deliver accurate humidity to most incubators. The digital hygrostat that measures and controls the humidity is fully adjustable so you can achieve the humidity range that is right for your eggs. The humidifier is designed to gently provide instant humidity and fresh air directly inside the incubator for an accurate humidity range. The humidifier also comes with a one liter bottle which typically needs to be filled once a week for most desktop incubators. To extend the life of the humidifier we recommend using distilled water. This unit comes ready to install into your incubator; simply place the probes from the hygrostat inside the incubator, insert the hose into a vent hole, fill the water bottle, and connect to power. The HumidiKit is also covered be the's One-year No Hassle Guarantee so you can purchase with confidence.
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  1. meltel
    "So easy!!!"
    Pros - Accurate, saves time, user friendly
    Cons - A little pricey, uses distilled water
    I am an incubator rookie. After I purchased a small, cheap incubator and was fairly successful, I knew I wanted something to hatch more eggs and to give me better odds with shipped or rare/expensive eggs. Sometimes I get super busy and I would slip in checking the humidity and didn't want to keep opening it to check it or add water. So when i saw this as an accessory for the hovabator genisis with automatic egg turner I had to get it and give it a shot. It runs within a couple degrees of the incubator reading and I only had to fill it once during the 21 days. I hatched 10/14 lavender orpington, 10/15 silkie and 8 out of 24 serama shipped eggs in the middle of summer which I was very happy with. You just set it and basically forget it. Great directions and so simple to assemble and set. A must have for people who love hatching eggs but want a more simplified approach.
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