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  • Dozens of types of bantams - silkies, Cornish, Dutch and more!
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  1. scwheeler24
    "Superior in heat, very healthy hardy bird"
    Pros - large hard white eggs, lay daily, active.
    Cons - may be tough on other breeds
    I have 12. Asked for 10, gave me 12, didn't lose any. They are now 24 weeks and all are laying except 1, maybe 2. I am averaging 10 a day right now. One nice thing i noticed is they all are done laying by noon. My last batch of mixed would lay till 4 or even 5 pm. I really like that. I go out at noon, and that's it. So far, the eggs are white or a bit cream colored, nice hard shells. I am very happy with them.
    On the personality side if one is interested, they are always around looking for goodies when I am outside with them. They don't like to be picked up, but I never messed with them much either, but they love to follow me around and no problems getting under my feet( I was hoping they kept a better distance, but that is fine). They are very hardy, pretty doggone fast around the yard, I call them little road runners. Very alert, pretty active, which I like. They are a bit flighty, but not as much as I had read. No where near for example, the Minorca. I suppose if you don't have a rooster to bug them, they really don't want to wander out of the yard. I have about a 1/2 acre backyard for them to forage in. My fence is 6 and 4 feet high, they could easily fly over them both with not much effort if they wanted. I did have one I found sitting on the fence, looking at our neighbors yard, and jumped over. But she easily flew back over when I went over there. She hasn't done it since.
    They do like to roost in the trees at night, but so far not too high that I can't get them down. So far, in the winter months here in TX, the tree has dropped it's leaves, they are happily in their coop when I go out to close it. They do like the open spaces(not so bright at night, nice and glowing white for a big owl looking for tasty yum yums), and may deal with this again come spring or summer.
    I had 2 that laid eggs outside of the nest boxes. I would put a box of nesting material there when I found it, and for some reason, they would stop laying there. So far, they all lay in the nest boxes, they especially like the one I have on the outside of the coop.
    I haven't noticed them to be mean, but they are tough on each other. I have one that will kind of stand up to me, but she has'nt tried anything.
    They are superior in the heat
    They are a very hardy healthy bird
    lay daily
    quick and forage well.

    grade A+
  2. Coop Deville
    "Best hatchery for bantam breed choice"
    Pros - Diversity of selection
    My feed store got a shipment of assorted bantams from Ideal. I took a chance and picked a lively, orange-colored chick with a black dot on its head, not knowing the breed. Researched at all of the bantams Ideal offers and was impressed by the selection. Turns out I picked a Nankin bantam, a rare breed that only Ideal carries. I'm very pleased.
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  3. Whittni
    "Ideal Is Great"
    Pros - You can order over the over the phone! Huge selection
    Cons - chicks aren't hatched year round, small order charge, $1 per breed or variety
    Well I split an order with the poultry keepers around my location and I was so happy to order over the phone! In fact that's so fantastic, trying to fill an order on the internet would have been difficult with the 57 chicks being ordered with a bunch of people ordering. The order ships on the 22nd...will update then.
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  1. ChicksRoseburg
    Coop Deville This how I got started with nankin Bantams about 5 years ago. Took me over a year to learn the breed, since then I have ordered eggs from across the US and now breed and sale hatching eggs and chicks. We just love the breed. Hope we can stay in contact. Carol
    [email protected]
  2. Whittni
    shipping is great too, 15 cents a chick!
  3. flower
    I like Ideal also as far as hatcheries they are my favorite. But not every customer is without complaints. However they are not the only hatchery that takes orders by phone. Most of the big hatcheries hire for phone orders.

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