Ideal Poultry salmon faverolles

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    Large Fowl
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    Feather Legged
    Salmon Faverolles are the best-known variety of Faverolles, which are a composite breed originating from crosses of Houdans, Dorkings and Asiatic breeds in the village of Faverolle, France where they were first bred. The plumage of the male and female is strikingly different. They have a very stocky appearance with beards, muffs, five toes on each foot and feathers on the legs and feet. They are one of only a few Standard breeds, which lay tinted or cream-colored eggs.
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  1. nikkers390
    I ordered 5 of these Favorelle pullets and yes, they were coming in with black feathers having me believe they were cockerels. I called Ideal (2015) and after much discussion explaining I was not looking for show quality, but at least the correct color, they refunded my purchase. I did not keep any of these girls and ordered from Cackle. Sweet birds.
  2. Jensownzoo
    Yeah, I have a few Silkies that I picked up from a farm store that sources from Ideal. They have straight combs. :-/
  3. MandyJ
    You are correct, and I knew that. But I had requested that there not be any crested. I would of thought they would have tried to fill the order as I requested. Out of 5 (2 black Swedish, which were supposed of be grey Swedish, 2 Cayuga and 1 Pekin, which was a giant Pekin) there were 3 that were crested. So out of 5 ducklings I got 2 (the Cayuga) that were the correct type.

    It didn't make a whole lot of difference, they were only pets. I am just saying that Ideal doesn't seem to pay a lot of attention to what you are ordering.
  4. dmanhefner
    It says right on their website that when you order pekin ducks you may receive crested or not crested with your pekins and that they will not be seprated.
  5. MandyJ
    I ordered Pekin ducklings from Ideal, I got a crested Jumbo Pekin. I had stressed in the order that I didn't want crested ducks. So I agree, you may not get what you order from Ideal. I will not order from them again!

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