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In Praise of Chickens: A Compendium of Wisdom Fair and Fowl

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    In Praise of Chickens: A Compendium of Wisdom Fair and Fowl
    Jane S. Smith
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    Everywhere, it seems—from urban backyards to latter-day gentleman’s farms in the country—chickens have become a passion for those who love animals, feel strongly about consuming locally, and/or find conventional mechanized alarm clocks somehow insufficient. And here is the book for such people.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. backyardcelia
    "historical illustrations, along with fun..."
    Pros - many many beautiful illustrations, nice gift size & price point
    Cons - no rhyme or reason really (even for a compendium)
    i was excited when i received this gift, but it honestly wasn't what i expected. (i like a little order to my random information! still,) in my opinion, it is well worth the price for the illustrations and mark twain's chicken vocabulary alone. it's a handsome little, red cloth, nicely bound book, nice for any chicken enthusiast to have laying around! (my only personal complaint, there's no room to write in a border anyplace). i'll give it 3 stars !
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  2. janessmith
    "Wise, beautiful and witty, perfect gift..."
    From Amazon reviewer Yogapal:
    Entertaining blend of history and gorgeous art obtained from collections world-wide, marked by a singular intelligence and wit. A perfect gift, especially with increased interest in urban chicken rearing.
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