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Incredible Eggs
Annika Geiger Senior Associate Editor
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Incredible Eggs is an exciting new book with 50 fabulous updated recipes for the foodie in you. It provides wonderful information regarding the different types of eggs, nutritional benefits, and how to incorporate into a healthy diet. It makes everyday food gourmet. Your family will love the new chef in town with this book full of fun fascinating facts and recipes the whole family can enjoy. You will enjoy the international flair offering new sensations and flavors for the sophisticated palate. Bring a new taste to old comfort foods. The book is a collection of works from farmers, foodies, and other eggs-perts sharing facts, folklore, and 50 fun fabulous recipes featuring the ever most popular protein___ the egg! The book includes delicious recipes for appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Get to know the egg and many exciting ways to use them in your meal planning making the whole family happy!

"I have cooked many of these recipes and found them very user friendly and a taste for the senses."__Melissa Rice

A quote from the book: "The way you make an omelet reveals your character."__Anthony Bourdain, American chef and TV personality

Fontina, Leek, and Broiled Egg Pizza made homemade with fresh arugula from the garden. Yummy!


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Pros: Great easy to read. User friendly quick recipes. Photos to match. Educational with informative articles regarding eggs. America's other protein. Great Price!
Cons: I really do not have any.
This is a fabulous easy to use cookbook with 50 great egg-citing flavorful recipes to choose from. Your family will love you for it.
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May, 2018
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