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  • Introducing the 225 Watt IncuKit(tm)

    This is an all-in-one kit designed to be the heart and brains of your cabinet incubator. It allows you to convert a cabinet-sized enclosure into an incubator! You can use an old large cooler, wooden box, large cardboard box, refrigerator, plastic box, glass box, whatever! And with the IncuKit you can make it into an incubator.

    The IncuKit includes the following:

    Digital Electronic Propo Pre-Set thermostat designed specifically for incubators by (see details below)
    A high-output 120mm AC fan with protective screen
    Nicrome heating coil rated at 225 watts with protective screen
    Mounting nut, screw and washer
    Installation and operating instructions

    Easy to install and set up. Just drill two holes in your container, one for a mounting screw and one for wires to come out. Then screw the IncuKit into place with the a screw (included) and plug in the color coded wire into the thermostat. Mount the thermostat to the outside of the incubator and you are ready to plug it in! It's so easy!!

    If you find that your particular incubator needs more air circulation (a common issue in larger incubators), we offer 80mm and 120mm AC fans in our ebay store.
    This is powered simply by plugging it into a wall outlet.

    Details about the Proportional Digital Electronic Thermostat:

    This device lets you add a sophisticated control module to your cabinet (or larger-style) egg incubator. This is designed to control the temperature, air circulation and automatic turner motors in your incubator.

    Key features
    - Proportional thermostat - minimizes temperature swings
    - Comes pre-set to 99.5 degrees F (easily adjustable, if desired)
    - Electronically controlled
    - Digital display
    - Controls the heater, fan and egg turner motors (it is not required to use this module to control all accessories, if you desire not to)
    - Controls the fan speed
    - Hatch timer
    - Thermostat is calibration enabled
    - Designed to work with both 110/120v and 220/240v power input (you will need a plug adapter for international plug configurations)
    - Remote sensor for accurate temperature reading
    - Easily mounts into your incubator
    - Maximum heater wattage: 300 watts
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Kiniska
    "Pretty good"
    Pros - Easy to install, easy to read display, great customer support.
    Cons - Mounting screw too short, wires could be longer.
    Over all I really like this product. I looked at wiring my own thermostat and heat source, add the cost of all the equipment and I have to say this option came out to almost the same dollar amount without all the hassle of doing it myself. So far it has held temp perfectly. I had an issue at first with over heating, but the tech support guys at Incubator Warehouse were great and helped me reconfigure for my unit. I can't stress how great these guys are about helping you out.

    The only complaint I have is that they do not recommend a cubic square foot range for their units. This one was way too big for the mini fridge I mounted it in and that was my issue. I don't mind as I plan to move to a larger unit later so I can just remount the IncuKit. I would suggest anyone else using this for a small incubator to get the 100 watt they sell and not this 225. It really is too much heat element for anything under 4 or 5 cubic square feet.

    Read your instructions and watch their video, Also don't toy with the settings unless you really understand what you are doing. It is so much better to ask one of their techs. Oh, make sure you run it for a few days to a week to double check that it keeps your range before setting any eggs in it. That is how I figured out it was getting too hot. Putting any incubator together and dropping eggs in it after a day of running is just asking for trouble. Test, test, and double check before placing those precious eggs.

    Hope that helps! [​IMG]
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  2. pickledchicken
    "Not very reliable and a possible fire hazard..."
    Pros - None
    Cons - Burns out easily
    I have had 2 of these burn out. The first one almost caught fire they are rated for 300 watt but will not handle it. The second one was running a 150 watt bulb in a hatcher I noticed the bulb had burned out and moved the hatcher to change the bulb. This movement caused the filament in the bulb to flicker once and that small surge was enough to kill this second thermostat. I now have 22 dollar wafer thermostat in it and couldn't be happier.
  3. jerryford
    "worked for the first year"
    Pros - called them and they are making it right
    Cons - then fryed all the eggs


    update just talk to one of the owners of incubator warehouse and they are taking care of this with no problems and considering discontinuing the thermostat

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  1. The4Chickeneers
    well, at least the company is figuring out what's wrong...
  2. ki4got
    been using mine for 6 months + and couldn't be happier.
  3. ki4got
    why were you using a light bulb with it? the incu-kit INCLUDES a 225 watt heating element that's already thermostatically controlled...
    if you added 150 watt bulb to it, that's 375 watts. more than it's 300 watt rating. no wonder if blew out.
  4. Will Robinson
    Aw, I'm so sorry for you.
  5. pickledchicken
  6. pickledchicken
    I have had two of them burn up whats up with these things. I lost 40 plus eggs on day two in lock-down very disappointed in these thermostats.
  7. Doug Hodges
    I figured as much
  8. Alaska Fowl INC
    Yes you were one of the ones I was referring to,,,,,DOUG
  9. Doug Hodges
    Mine fried too. Actually caught on fire.
  10. NovaAman
    OH, how awful!

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