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  • 120 Volt 250 Watt Infrared Heat Lamp Bulb. - Now for the small producer we offer the most efficient of infra red heat brooders. Great for brooding pigs, chickens and other poultry. Brass base minimizes corrosion and freezing in socket. Infra red brooders are usually very expensive to operate as they must remain o all the time, because if they are off there is no heat. This new bulb gives you concentrated heat for a small quantity of birds, such as would be hatched in the Hova-Bator or Little Giant Incubators. Bulb Life = 6000 Hours
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  1. Catfish267
    "Works good but seems excessive"
    Pros - Gives off plenty of heat
    Cons - Gives off to much heat for small amounts of chicks.
    I was going to use one of these but i returned it after some people convinced me that a 100 watt light bulb would be fine. It worked perfectly fine for just 20 chicks. This light would only be good for people with large amounts of chicks. Watch out because these things start barn fires all the time!
  2. Bleenie
    "Good & Bad"
    Pros - Give off just the right amount of heat
    Cons - glass bulb comes detached from the 'socket screw'.
    I love these lights for the brooders, it seems like they put off just the right amount of heat compared to a clear bulb of the same wattage. I have used them for the chick brooders and also for calves.

    I have had one issue with them though, more than a few times I have had the glass bulb come completely detached from the 'socket screw' end. I don't know if it's been due to poor attachment or maybe being outdoors? It's never happened with the indoor brooder but anymore I am always sure to put a metal 'screen' under the light to catch it if it happens.
  3. Red Barn Farms
    "Always Warm!"
    Pros - Great source for heat when needed.
    Cons - Could blow out any time. Have a spare on hand.
    A complete necessity when raising small chicks. I use the 250W and always red to help stop pecking,

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  1. new breeder
    i really need t know the distans betwin the chicks and the bulb...
  2. OnceInALifeTime
    I always use and infra-red bulb like Tamara said it's soothing it also has a plus of the fact that chicks wont peck as much as they will with a normal light
  3. Jucknath
    I have a 250w infra red but put a digital thermostat and a light dimmer on it. The light dimmer is what I rely on and the thermostat is for safety. I set mine about 2 feet high for the 15 chicks.
  4. Tamara119
    A constant light source prevents the chicks from getting into the day/night pattern. The infra-red bulb is soothing and they'll sleep all night. Raising the bulb allows you to control the temperature. I used one for just 10 chicks and it was perfect.
  5. AlienChick
    I just meant the bulb can go out. I don't think it would break unless dropped or banged.
    It's a great light; I just wanted to add a "con" to using a light bulb.
  6. mychickispedro
    when you say it blows, does that mean that the glass breaks or it just goes out
  7. danny123
    how much does it cost cause i have an out side shed and it gets really cold in the mornings so i would like to get one

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