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Innovation Pet Deluxe Farm House Chicken Coop, Up to 8 Chickens

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  1. MandaRae
    "Does NOT fit 8"
    Pros - Easy to setup
    Easy access to inner coop For cleaning
    Lots of openings for cleaning
    Cons - *Claims fits 8 Does Not.
    *The roost bars are too low
    *I do not like the nest box inside the coop
    *you Must seal it or paint it yourself otherwise it warps
    So i do like this coop we got 2 on clearance. I don't think they will be carrying this model coop anymore.
    It is good for in a pinch or for a small young flock acclimating or chicks being exposed to the older ones. It fits maybe 3-4 standard size chickens. It would fit maybe 6-8 small breeds.
    I painted this coop and do like it but will be looking into other options for next season especially if i want to add to the flock. I will keep atleast 1 for chicks or quarantine.

    I am concerned about the Winter i will need to do extreme winterizing for the snow.

    It is good for a beginner but you will eventually want to upgrade.
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    March 2019
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  2. Just Rosie
    "You get what you pay for"
    Pros - Decent size for price
    Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
    Cons - Cheap cheap material
    Directions weren't very clear
    Definitely not large enough to house 8 large fowl. 4-6 max.
    Placement of hinges and locks is awful and lazy
    Not easy to get into, or clean
    I bought this earlier this year for my 8 chickens. First of all, the thing wasnt east to build. The instructions were *pretty* clear, but certain pieces needed to go in very specific places, so my friend and I found ourselves nailing and then removing pieces to place them somewhere else. None of the pieces lined up very well, which makes for a more unstable coop. It wasnt tbe hardest thing tobuild, two 22 year olds did it with no prior assembly experience, but there was a lot of trial and error.
    The placement of locks and their recieving end are misaligned on every. Single. Door. And no, this is not because of misplacement. I can only lock one latch on each door, which is a safety risk from predators.
    Next, it hasn't even been a year and the thing is falling apart. It's pretty hard to clean, the coop does have a tray that slides out and can be washed. It doesnt slide easy for me. You cannot get into the coop fully. My biggest pet peeve is not having access to the chickens on the coop side, where I cannot reach them.
    This coop is not large enough for 8 chickens, at least not standard size, which in the tractor supply description , it says it can hold 8 standard size fowl. Fortunately, when I had 8, they were pullets and cockerels, so they were smaller. Now even with just the 4 ameraucanas, I still dont think they have enough room to live in. Any more than 4 and they're practically living on top of eachother.
    Overall, it's not the worst starter coop for the beginner chicken owner, who may have 3 or 4 hens, but you really have to pay attention on what part you're nailing down where. And just know that it wont last very long. Cheap wood begins to fall apart. I would not recommend this coop, unless you are pretty strapped for cash to spend on a coop. You get what you pay for.
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  3. Melenae
    "Just OK"
    Pros - Good price, decent size.
    Cons - It says 8 birds but my 4 are pretty cramped. It's also starting to fall apart just 8 months after purchase.
    I bought this coop in February, it is now October and the wood is starting to splinter. If it's misty out or if it's been raining, the wood warps and the doors don't work properly. Also the window over the back hatch warped so bad that it's starting to fall off...
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    February 2018
  4. techbsmith
    "Meh - not so impressed"
    Pros - Easy to assemble
    Good access for cleaning
    Cons - Very cheap wood
    Not good for 8 chickens unless they are under 3 months old
    We purchased this item at TSC when it was on sale for 200.00 - while it was quick and easy to assemble and has worked well enough for me to use as a transitionary coop to take chicks out of a brooder and integrate with the adult flock - it's just not that sturdy.

    The wood is very cheap and flimsy - any time it rains, or there's heavy moisture, the doors swell and won't open/shut. I used a small hand planer to knock enough off so they would open under most conditions.

    The hardware is rather flimsy as well - one of the latches on the dutch doors broke.

    I could have made a coop in similar size/detail for the same money that would have been a lot more sturdy.
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    3 March 2018
  5. chickendvm
    "Nice Coop for a Few Birds"
    Pros - Covered run, easy to access eggs, multiple doors in the runs, two "windows", 3 roosting perches, 3 nesting boxes, pieces are well marked, cute
    Cons - Took longer than an hour to put together, really only good for a few birds unless small
    I bought this coop because I ended up with a stray chicken that I was keeping at my clinic until the owners were found. I ended up adopting her and needed a coop immediately. It's a cute little coop. However, she's a buff Orpington and I am getting two more and a black Australorp this week and the description of "up to 8 chickens" is very accurate! coop.jpg There just isn't going to be enough room for all 4 of them unless I truly was just using it for them at night time and and maybe an hour or two during the day. The pieces of the coop are well marked. It actually has held up well so far with our New England crazy weather and my golden retriever. The features are really nice. However, I am in the process of upgrading to a larger coop. I will be keeping this one though for a quarantine coop.
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