Innovation Pet Deluxe Farm House Chicken Coop

  • This coop is commonly carried by Tractor Supply Company. During the spring chick season, I found it on sale for $175.00. The product description states that this coop can house up to 8 chickens. While it houses our three large breed girls comfortably, I couldn't see it housing more than four without space becoming an issue.

    Initially this coop served us nicely. Our three pullets have plenty of space in both the run and the coop, the two doors provide plenty of access for cleaning and maintenance, and the coop stayed dry. After a few weeks, the cheap construction became an issue. After the first hard rain, the ramp to the coop began to loose it's cross steps. The wood of the coop itself also became swollen. The increased pressure caused the doors to stick and even caused the slats of the sliding door to pop off. Once it dried out, I had to reassemble the coop door with wood glue, clamps, and a staple gun. While this coop does feature a cleanout tray, it is shallow and much of the litter is raked out into the run upon removal. The nesting boxes are pretty basic. They are not very segregated from the rest of the coop, and are divided only by a short board.

    After several months of use, I can't recommend this product. Once ours deteriorates, which I think will build one myself.
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  1. BeckyB.
    I can also testify that after having it one year, it had warped so much that pretty much every door is ill fitted. The slats on the sliding windows warped and fell off. We repaired it and it is doing it again. I would not recommend this unless you keep it indoors! lol
  2. TxToxDoc
    I bought the same coop, although it cost me $299, to house our first try at raising some cornish cross hens. Although I like the design for a small flock (I agree that 4 is a good number for this model), I found that due to it being "top-heavy" it was easily defeated by a predator. One night I awoke to a loud crash and ran outside. By the time I made it downstairs, the coop was on its side and all 6 hens had already been killed. Upon viewing security footage, it seems that 2 large neighborhood dogs gnawed through the wooden slats but grew tired of that approach upon encountering the hardware cloth. In trying to crawl between the coop and the garage next to the coop, the dog easily knocked the coop over on its side. Due to the flimsy nature of the materials, the coop did not withstand the impact of toppling over, and is now good for nothing but salvaging the hardware cloth.
  3. techbsmith
    Yeah .. we bought the same one. Currently, it's inside my main run and used as a transition coop to integrate my new chicks with my laying hens.

    I had to take a rasp and work on the doors, they swell so bad when it's damp that they won't open/shut. I anticipate by next year, I'll be salvaging the hardware mesh from it.
  4. SMitch0410
    I have the same poop and had the exact same problems and my ramp going up is completely gone all they do is fly up in there now and lay eggs
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  5. NancyNurseCxMama
    So sorry. This seems to be a common issue with so many of the less expensive coops. They always look cute but the materials and construction are awful. Sad that you are out of the money you paid but often these kinds of coops go for hundreds more!
    I believe the wood they use is "Chinese Fir" (actually a cedar) which I've heard is one step above balsa wood. It's cheap and soft. I've seen these coops in TSC---you can easily push your fingernail into the wood.
    The reviews on the TSC site are revealing---some good ones a short time after purchase with a steady downward trend as time goes by.
    Tractor Supply should be ashamed of themselves.
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  6. Purple House
    I have the red and white version of this coop from TSC. Looks to be about the same size. I bought it to use in an emergency after one of my birds was attacked by a dog, so she could recover. Then I planned to use it to raise young chicks in.

    But I agree with you. Very poor construction and it's flimsy. It's about nine months old now and I doubt it will last much longer. Complete waste of money.
  7. RowanTheRed
    I purchased this very same coop back in May, and had to send it back IMMEDIATELY. Ours had broken pieces when it arrived which sadly the company couldn't replace without waiting for nearly a month to receive. The pieces that were broken were not damaged in shipping, they were definitely packaged that way. The box was in perfect shape when it arrived and these particular pieces where deep inside the box heavily padded with Styrofoam. Also, I can tell you that the wood was very light weight and most certainly would have blown over with a strong enough wind. And it will also need several heavy coatings of sealant to prevent immediate water damage.

    I really wanted this coop, and was very disappointed in both the cheap materials and the lack of quality control.
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