Innovation Pet Extra Large Green Walk-In Coop, Up to 15 Chickens

  • This Innovation Pet Extra Large Green Walk-In Coop can house up to 15 chickens.

    • Solid wood construction with an asphalt roof
    • Includes nesting box, roosting bars and ramp
    • Sliding window provides additional ventilation
    • Large, walk-in door allows easy human access to chickens and for cleaning
    • Sliding door at the top of the ramp encloses the coop area for weather and predator protection.
    • NEW: Large triangular wood piece added to the front of the interior coop for additional protection from the elements.
    • Tray slides out for easy cleaning
    • Easy to assemble
    • Outside assembled dimensions are 105 in. x 84.6 in. x 77 in.
    • TSC exclusive coop
    • Dimensions for the door opening at the top of the ramp are 12.4 in. high x 9.45 in. wide
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User Comments

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  1. Creteloc
    I'm looking at this coop but I can't find the dimensions of just the wooden enclosure so I can't correctly determine how many chickens actually fit inside. The box now says 18. I'm looking for a home for 7 chickens. Does anyone have this coop and know the dimensions of the house part?
  2. lilmarie84
    Certainly not made for 15 standard size chickens maybe bantams or something to that nature but no way 15 BO chicken would fit in there comfortably
  3. KikisGirls
    No way in the world 15 chickens would fit in that coop without problems.
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