Isa Browns

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  • Breed Purpose:
    Egg laying
    Tends to not get broody
    Climate Tolerance:
    Does well in all climates
    Egg Productivity:
    Lays lots of eggs
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Breed Temperament:
    Friendly and great for family's
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Comes only in Brown with white tail feathers for hens and sometimes all white for roosters
    Breed Size:
    Standard size
    Brown with white tail feathers for hens and white tail feathers
    In the galary are pictures of my seven week old Isa Browns, I Highly recommend this breed, for more in formation go to
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  1. KHBaker
    "Friendly and Fun!"
    Pros - friendly, great personalities, hardy
    We got three ISA Brown Pullets from TSC this year, and so far they are our favorites. They run out of the coop to greet us, are friendly, and hardy. We put them in the coop at 5 weeks, and they have been thriving. If we decide to get more chickens next year, we'll probably end up with more of this breed.
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  2. Allie Grace Sanders
    "Amazing Layers!"
    Pros - Great layers, friendly breed.
    Cons - Their temperament's vary a lot.
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  3. RGChicken
    "Great Breed"
    Pros - Intelligent, great layers, beautiful breed, do well in Winter, mostly friendly
    Cons - Pick up bad habits easily, can get pecky
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  1. slowloris
    HUGE eggs!
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  2. RGChicken
    (Mostly) all friendly hens, very intelligent
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  3. LovesAGoodYolk
    My friendliest chickens. Great layers.
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