Ivermectin Pour On, 250ML

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  1. bairo
    "Ivermectin Pour On..the easy all in one worm /..."
    Pros - easy to apply, controls both worms and mites/lice
    Cons - cost, off label for chickens
    Effective against all round worms, whip, hook, thread, pin, heart worm, all types of mites (including mange and scabies), and lice. Ivermectin pour on is available in a small container for about 15.00 at TSC. It will last quite a while (it MUST be the pour on type)
    Off label for chickens. consensus is a 10 day egg withdrawal.
    Drops are from a medicine dropper available from any drug store.
    Drops are traditionally placed down the back or at shoulder blades directly to the skin, you must part feathers.
    We need a dosage of .046 ml per pound of weight
    So the following is true: (Rounded Up)
    10 lb = 6 drops ivermectin if using a standard medicine dropper
    9lb bird x .046 = 5-6 drops
    8lb bird = 5 drops
    7 lb bird = 4 drops
    6 lb = 4 drops
    5 lb = 3 drops
    4 lb = 3 drops
    3 lb = 2 drops
    2 lb = 1-2 drops
    under 2 lbs = not advisable in my opinion
    Ivermectin is tested well in excess of the effective dose level and in my opinion is safe to round up. Repeat in 10-15 days with Valbazen if using for worms. You can repeat once in 10 days with "this" product if using for mites and lice, but I would advise an external spray before I considered a third dose of this product.

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  1. Susan49
    I've been looking for withholding periods on Ivermectin and the Merial (au) site says no withholding period for milk or meat so I presume there would be none for eggs?

    I have a large flock of just over 100 chickens though, so applying to each individually sounds like a real chore. Maybe have to sneak in at night with a flashlight?
  2. Paxseko
    Also internally controls scaley leg mites, and was the only thing to work on my small-scaled serama's legs.

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