Jackie Frenchs Chook Book (Poultry Farming)

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    Jackie Frenchs Chook Book (Poultry Farming)
    Jackie French
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    Use this book, and you will love chickens too: love to keep them, scratching about in your own backyard; love to eat them, prepared from one of Jackie's many mouth-watering chicken-and-egg recipes. This completely revised edition's sections on poultry keeping and management have been greatly expanded, and are now illustrated with almost 100 full-colour photographs. It is bigger, better and always in demand. In Stock Now
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  1. Nutcase
    "A Book for the Budding Chicken Keeper"
    Pros - Simply written, easy to understand
    Cons - None
    If you are new to chicken keeping, I would recommend this book. It is simply written and includes plenty of good, easy recipes. It is ideal for those living in Australia but can also be helpful for those living elsewhere. It's full of simple suggestions, humour and good common sense. Enjoy the book!

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