Jumbo Brown Pharoah/Cortunix

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  1. quadchick77
    "Fast !!"
    Pros - Are meat and egg mature at 6 weeks
    The jumbo Brown Couturnix are my favorite bird breed by far. At 6 weeks old they start laying eggs and boy do they ever lay well. You can also butcher them at 6 weeks old and get about a half pound of meat which is alot for quail. Their mating calls sound neat and they are very calm compared to alot of quail breeds.
  2. MobyQuail
    "A+ Jumbo Brown Cortunix"
    Pros - fast growing, lots of eggs
    Cons - myths
    Jumbo Coturnix (Japanese Quail) a fast-growing, excellent entry level "game" bird for meat and eggs.

    incubation time is very short, chicks grow very fast and with good stock and strict husbandry efforts a decent covey of birds can be propagated to produce meat, eggs and new stock.

    Many different breeders have created "call names" for their birds. These, sometimes colorful, "call names" may have in time evolved into "lines" or "strains", e.g.,. XLD1, James Marie, etc

    Basically, the "Jumbo Browns" are the larger Japanese Quail.

    When looking for quality foundation stock it may be best to search out multiple breeders and split your order of hatching eggs amongst several.

    If you order hatching eggs via web or mail make sure to ask the breeder several questions.

    - What are the exact weights of your breeder birds?
    - What is the hen to cock bird ratio?
    - How fresh are the eggs I will receive?
    - How big are the eggs I will receive?
    - What color birds will I receive and will they breed true?
    - Is there a guarantee on package shipping and delivery date?

    The Quail forum is a great place to start.

    Good Luck!
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  1. AlderCreekFarms
    When I click on the imbeded link I get sent to a payday loan site. Dont know if I'm the only one that's happened to...the last review was in 2012 I think, maybe the site has changed? Or maybe I'm just a dufus. I just wanted to read all I can about these quail since I'm hatching some eggs
  2. 22chuckie
    I am looking for Colossal Coturnix Japonica Quails. Live or eggs.

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