K&H Thermo-Hose PVC, 20-Foot

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    The NEW K&H Thermo-Hose by K&H Farm Essentials is a new heated water hose on the market! This great product invention is easy to use, just plug it in and heat the hose for 20 minutes and you will have a ice-free flexible hose to use! Take the head-ache out of having to use a hose in cold weather. Available in 20’, 40', and 60’.
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  1. Trefoil
    "60' model"
    Pros - Seems to work well until it gets to the teens
    Cons - wouldn't work plugged in 24 hrs at 18ºF
    I loved this hose until we got down to 4ºF and it froze. I left it plugged in and the next day it was 18ºF and still frozen, so I guess it only works into the 20's. Better than nothing, but it up to you whether the added 15º is worth the money. This hose is of course very stiff and hard to get uncoiled (i'm still working on that). This hose has a 2 yr guarantee as opposed to the brands 1 yr.
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