Keeping Chickens

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    Keeping Chickens
    Jeremy Hobson
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    Keeping chickens is a popular and growing pastime, so find out all you need to know in this must-have book.* Covers everything from egg-laying to ease of keeping for over 70 different breeds* Discover how to set up and maintain a healthy hen house to keep your chickens warm, dry and safe from predators* Practical advice on hygiene, disease and healthcare ensures that your flock is always in pristine show condition* Learn about broody birds and egg incubation, and rear a new generation of chicks to brighten up your garden"Whether you plan to keep chickens for eggs or meat, this practical guide covers all the issues you need to consider first." Devon Life
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  1. applebutter14
    "very good book"
    Pros - it has alot of chicken breeds in it, and good information
    Cons - they could put some more breeds and information.
    i bought this book at a feed store, and it was very helpful in some questions i had, they didnt have some breeds i was wanted to look at though.
  2. cutechick53
    "So informative that this book is the reason I..."
    Pros - It tells you everything from what to consider before getting chickens, to naming common chicken diseases!
    Cons - Nothing really, its just a book.
    I love the book- its is very informative. I fell in love with the pics and eventually got chickens. :)
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  3. chickincrazy
    "Very informative! I love all the pictures!"
    Pros - Everything a beginner needs to know!
    Cons - Very little on showing chickens
    This book tells you everything you need to know about starting your flock! Tells you how to raise chicks and hatch them on your own, to even keeping a crowing cockerel quite! Gives you hints on a good coop and on winterizing your flock. A must have.
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