Keeping Pet Chickens: Bring Your Backyard to Life and Enjoy the Bounty of Fresh Eggs from Your Own S

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    Keeping Pet Chickens: Bring Your Backyard to Life and Enjoy the Bounty of Fresh Eggs from Your Own Small Flock of Happy Hens
    Johannes PaulWilliam Windham
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    When you need fresh eggs, nothing is healthier or more convenient than collecting them, courtesy of your own happy home-bred hens. Keeping two or three chickens is easier than you think. They don't require much special equipment, and today's compact chicken houses are designed to fit even the smallest spaces--from small backyards to apartment terraces.If you're ready to make chickens a part of your household, this new, updated edition of Keeping Pet Chickens will give you the essential information you need for success. Instructive captioned illustrations and down-to-earth language show prospective chicken owners exactly how to master every aspect of keeping and raising healthy and productive poultry, including:Selecting a breedCatching and handling hensBasic chicken biologyHelpful tips and hints for careMaintaining health, and moreThis new enlarged edition features an increased number of breed profiles.
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  1. Adrian Medlicot
    "Very helpful book, with all sorts of content..."
    Pros - Small, Great for beginners, All sorts of contents, Chicken breeds, Over 180 pictures, Great explanations, Affordable.
    Cons - A few things left out (information).
    Keeping Pet Chickens is a great book that has good explanations that are specific and clear. It has a variety of content, and even a whole section for chicken breeds. It talks about Light Breeds, Heavy Breeds, True Bantams, and Hybrids.It talks about everything a beginner in chicken keeping should know, and it contains more than 180 pictures. Some of the things it contains are: chicken coops, the anatomy of a chicken, the anatomy of an egg, chicken runs, what chickens do through the day, their behavior, illnesses in chickens, etc. I would recommend this book to anyone, but experienced chicken keepers wouldn´t find this book too helpful, as they would know most of the information in it. It is still a great book to have handy.

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